A long time coming

Gabriel knew the instant the youngest Winchester was alone. Dean it seemed went off yet again to get piss poor drunk,probably even pick up some chick. But Sam? Dear sweet Sammy it looked like was doing his research thing. Well we couldn’t have that now could we? Popping into the motel room behind Sam he smirked. With a snap of his fingers the laptop disappeared as if into thin air “No need for that thing on a night like this”

Short he may be but he had so much power inside of him it was a wonder how he hadn’t settled down until now. The taller hunter was most likely upset about his device which he’ll get back in due time…Maybe…”Now why don’t you use that brain of yours to good use?”Walking the short distance towards Sam his wings albeit invisible wrapped around them both as he slide into the others lap “Come on Sasquatch live a little”With this his lips brushed Sams but moved to suck and pull on the others ear


make me choose → trystal-haven asked: Norman in Bates Motel or AND Norman in Psycho?

Little Motel
  • Little Motel
  • Modest Mouse
  • We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

Modest Mouse - Little Motel

We treat mishaps like sinking ships, and
I know that I don’t want to be out to drift
Well, I can see it in your eyes, like I taste your lips, and
They both tell me that we’re better than this