“Success is measured by more than being smart, gifted or talented…. it means embracing strengths, developing practical skills and following a passion. Envision will help me do this for my career.”

Hey there lovely people! I’m gonna do a thing, but I need your guys’ help. *drumroll sounds as the mun stands and delivers*

I have the opportunity to go to the National Youth Leadership Forum in Chicago, IL! See that link up there? That link leads to my fundraising site, and even a dollar donation can help a HUGE amount.

And now it falls to you, the excellent people of tumblr, to help me go to this. I've received so much love and support from you guys through your fan mail and messages, so please, please, please help me reach my goal!  

*throws confetti and blows a million kisses*  \(^w^)/ Thank you all so so much for your support! 


Dave Sprite ==> Man up and ask Karkat for help

Dave had one thing on his mind for a while now, and it was making him a bit more than nervous. He had no idea how to approach the situation he got himself into, but he knew that he wanted to. And he was.. Actually desperate enough to ask someone for help. But who? Rose..? No. He couldn’t ask her. Jade? Nah. He wasn’t sure he could really bring it up to either of them without them spilling the beans. One particular man came to mind. Was Dave.. Seriously going to…? Yes. He was going to ask Karkat of all people for help. God, he was just getting ready for the lecture of Romance from this particular troll. For the most part though, Karkat knew what he was talking about. So, how bad could it be? Dave just slumped into his computer chair, swinging his legs over the side as he pulled up Pesterchum, almost being thankful that he seen the troll online. It took him a few minutes, but he finally had the guts to open a conversation with Karkat.

-turntechGodhead started pestering carcinoGeneticist-

TG: hey vantas
TG: you there

@Enduring-Commandant: Prodigy

As he always did, Flynn’s hand lingered in front of the door, fist raised to knock. As always, the familiar feeling of horror and confusion struck him.

He had finally been convinced of Alexei’s… Not innocence. Redemption? Restoration? He couldn’t say. But he had never expected it to end up like this.

He never figured that he would be living in the palace, training his successor in ways that average knight training could never provide.

He was continually surprised. Alexei understood him; he knew exactly what the stress of leading was. The kind of damage it can do to a man. Having someone there to help him handle it put the Commandant more at peace than should have been possible.

But that feeling still wouldn’t go away. He didn’t have a name for it, but he knew it when he felt it.




Flynn sighed. There wasn’t much he could do about it now. This was what he had decided. And it was helping. Whether he could shake the sinking feeling or not.

His gloved fist gently met the doorframe, thrice. As always.

Strange Magic: Post Sexy Times Head Canon- Bog the Hair Stylist Strikes Again

I want to say that their first time is lovely and beautiful and meaningful. And it will be. I know that.

But if you don’t think that after its all said and done, Bog isn’t going to turn to the side to say something heart wrenching and romantic and full of love and instead just fucking breaks a rib laughing at Marianne’s post-sexy times hair then I don’t even know what’s happening right now.

thegeekynarwhal asked:

I like the idea of something with fave minor characters! That is for sure one day. I'm thinking themes like "goodbyes" "Time loop" "otp" "war au" that kinda stuff But I'm not sure if we want to do one day for each of the main four or split it into two days for two different members of the group? I also think it might be cool to have one day be about the actual +anima. Like what kinds of +anima we think would be cool.

Minor character day: Check.

One day could just be aus in general, and I like the one day being “otp”, and another day could be like “Meetings and/or Goodbyes”.

HMmmmmmmmmm one day could just be like, “Fave of the main four.” (u have to remember we only have 7 days in a week here haha, and we’ve already come up with five ideas) And yes, we should totally have an “anima” day. That one could be open for interpretation too. It could be like what was your favorite anima shown in the manga, or what kind of anima you think you’d want or have.

maggiestein asked:

"I look forward to working with you."

Laurence glanced at his new partner, a frown firmly set on his face. He didn’t ask for this. He didn’t need a new partner, and he certainly didn’t want to be teamed with this tiny thing. There was no way she would hold up, when even his last partner couldn’t survive the job. The man said none of this as he stared distastefully at the diminutive woman who now stood in his office. Instead, he gave a gruff, brief retort, “You picked a bad time to become a cop, kid.”

Rin stared ahead at the mirror in front of him. His white Italian cut suit felt heavy on him and the rough and curling tousle of his hair refused to be combed down into a neater style. Rin was a bundle of nerves ready to spring open. He was getting married to the love of his life and it was the most anxiety inducing thing he’s had to deal with since that one time he was late.

I suppose I should make an actual announcement outlining the Music Video portion of Sugar Rush Sundae huh

Alrighty then

I have two months to prepare, but It’s best if everyone knows what they’re going to be doing right off of the bat. That way it gives you time to memorize the characters and their movements and poses.

We have all of our sugar rush racers, that’s fantastic, and a Felix and My 9 year old sister playing ‘little Vanellope’ throughout the video.

The video will be titled “Vanellope’s first time at Grand Central Station” and the song we will be doing the video to will be, surprise surprise, Owl City’s wonderful ending credits song When Can I See You Again.

Any and all additional video game characters are welcome to join in the video.

And now, for the actual directions and aim for the video

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