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a note on ugly mary

so i have gotten a whole bunch of messages about this story lately, and i just wanted…to be a little jk rowling about this (<- haha, get it, because she keeps editorializing? it’s–it’s a joke about editorial intention, it’s…okay).

you can, obviously, take away whatever you want from the ugly mary story; that’s what storytelling is. but, to me, ugly mary is in part about someone who knew her own worth and didn’t need the world to affirm it for her.

mary always knew what mary was made of. what mary could be.

the thing of it is, i think mary likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror, because what mary sees is mary. not a beautiful woman, or even an ugly woman, or even “a woman.” i think that mary sees her own strength, and her own intelligence, and her own ambition. she sees her ugliness only insofar as she recognizes it as a tool she can use to manipulate people, the same way that mary sees kindness and gentleness as tools to manipulate people. the same way that beauty can be a tool.

(again, i can’t stress enough that mary is not a good person. powerful, yes. good, no.) (you can both be powerful and good.) (you are powerful. you are good.)

(“ugly” does not mean “bad.” i made mary a villain because the post was about weaponized ugliness and because fictional villains are generally more interesting to write for me than fictional heroes. that’s the point: neither beauty nor ugliness are inherently attached to any kind of morality.)

so for everyone who said that story made them feel powerful: good. i’m glad. again, i hope you use that power for good and not for political intrigue & murder, but still. you deserve to feel powerful.

you are powerful.

you are good.

the only person whose opinion matters about either of those things is you.

…and that’s all i wanted to say. ofgeo out.

OK, so all the gorgeous people I’m seeing on my dash today, how come I don’t see them every week? Nobody in this whole entire world should ever have to feel like they can’t share their selfies because of what some ignorant people might think. Also, if you’re offended by someone because of their skin color (or because of their nationality, sexuality, social status, disabilities, etc..,) please reconsider your life choices and maybe think about being a decent human being. It’s not hard to do, I promise.

thin-shaming I came across this on WeHeartIt and Surprise Surprise it was captioned Funny. This hurt my feelings so much. I’m Five-6 and I’ve always been small I eat normally mostly unhealthy I know it’s bad it terms of health which should be the only reason!!! But when it comes to food being unhealthy I think like the average person I’m not to overly conscious about it. And it hurts that someone thinks this okay and just because I’m skinny I shouldn’t mind. In an attempt to make all body sizes acceptable (which they should be) we’ve decided that one can be the butt of jokes. Had this joke been in reverse the Up-roar would have been crazy we would have been skinny bitches.Body Shaming must stop. Beauty has no weight. Don’t make others feel bad to make yourself feel good you end being ugly inside where it matters most.

I hate when I’m with my black friends and i comment on how a white boy is cute and they’re like “oh so you like white boys,huh?” and I’m just dumbfounded because i like boys,end of story.whether you’re gay,straight,lesbian,trans or whatever the hell you are, the human body is so interesting and beautiful and trying to categorize whats my ‘type’ feels so impossible.but i obviously know who is good for me and who is not.


I know I just posted a Selfies photo set and this is embarrassing. 😔 Lol But I was tagged by the beautiful oh-my-gilinsky , who is seriously one of my faves. 😘 And I tag who-am-i-and-what-am-idoing-here yesiamanobody theycallmebasedankita let-it-be-babyyy maloleyaf nicolepetr omaha-boys-are-life emmabella26 and french-is-fresh I feel like some of you guys have been tagged before and you don’t have to do it again, but I wanna see all of your beautiful faces! You guys are always in my notifications so love you all! I encourage anyone and everyone to do it too! I like seeing your faces! 😘😘

In Case You Need A Message to Cheer Yourself, or Others, Up...

No matter what your weight is, or your gender (or combination of genders,) or your sexuality, or your “flaws,”, you’re still beautiful, and I love you. Stay strong.