PSA: I don’t care which ship it is or what actor/actress it is, you are embarrassing yourself, embarrassing everyone who shares your ship, embarrassing the entire fucking fandom, and making that actor/actress uncomfortable if you’re that asshole who wastes one of the few questions that gets to be asked at a con on a shipping question





The trouble with explaining what queerness is (to your parents, to straight cis people, to your friends, to yourself) is that as soon as you define queerness as this or that, you have lost it. Once you pin queerness down and establish boundaries of what queer is and what it means, whatever that is isn’t queer anymore. It’s a solidified identity, which is precisely what queer isn’t. And so you have to go in search of the queer again. Every time you try to pin it down, it escapes you: that is queerness’ power. I won’t go so far as to say queerness is the search for the queer, but it is perpetually in motion. This makes people uncomfortable. Being queer can feel a bit like sea-sickness sometimes. Some people may even doubt the existence of the queer, given this notion of queer as horizon (as outlined by Jose Munoz). However, I would argue that unlike saying “Queer is…” saying “I am queer” does not limit queerness in a way that eliminates it. Instead, it enacts the notion of queer as horizon: it opens queer up to the infinite possibilities of your future. It understands your present as one of the possibilities of your past future. To say “I am queer” is not to say that queer is only what you are, but that you are an iteration which can and will expand queerness. You are a queerness which has never heretofore occurred, and all your potential is the realm of queer horizon of being. So the academic understanding of queerness does not destroy queer in lived experience. Queer continues to exist in the potentiality of queer-identified bodies. That is what, or where, queer is.
—  Haley Weaver, Enacting a Queer Ethic of Writing: Sometimes Y

i feel like charles and erik’s relationship in days of future past is like llamas with hats 

Pretty sure TFW would miss an entire week of hunting and research because Dean would insist on catching every minute of shark week.

guys seriously don’t criticize the album or the boys so hard. it’s their very first one and they started working on it so long ago when they were all teeny teens. they do it all for us and because of us, so don’t put them down, don’t say harsh things because they do see everything. this is so important for them, so just don’t fucking let them down on this


"…spending almost everyday with each other. We went mad in the end. You saw us. We were just insane. We developed a whole language, a whole world.” - Matt Smith


AX master selfie post go! Most of the selfies I got over the weekend, I was too lazy this time D:

With husband/ ask-irl-levi / indulging-inaccuracy, nicepitching, danchou what is your url even; leviheichou-he who I awkwardly stared at for several minutes because I wasn’t sure he was gonna be at the con that day; papaerwin who merited my BEST UNATTRACTIVE FACE; asksmallgoddesschild my Hoozuki partner in crime (nice ears, bro); siriex is the blur in the ball pit I swear; subduedfangirl GAVE ME A THING; and the post movie K gathering! Aka: Reds + traitor Reds


"All tunnels lead deeper underground and some of them are flooded with saltwater so it will be a fight all the way, but if you listen closely, you can hear the ocean is calm on the other end."


Jemma “adorkable” Simmons in F.Z.Z.T

anonymous said:

wait. if i dont believe in God, in Catholicism's eyes I don't go to Heaven then? ((((that seems really harsh)))) im not trying to be disrespectful i just want to know if i understood that right? id be punished for my lack of faith, or in C.S. Lewis terms i'd always live in the grey town???

okay, here is my counter-question, because I get asked this a lot both in real life and on this blog and I am perpetually baffled by it:

If you don’t believe in God, why do you care what any religion thinks will happen to you in this afterlife they’ve cooked up for themselves? In an atheist paradigm, religion is misguided from get-go, with the whole “believing in a higher power” thing, and everything from follows from that premise is just as false. So why is your fate in this fiction important?

You’re complaining about not being invited to join a book club you weren’t interested in joining anyway.