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Two Best Nights Of My Life

The past few nights have been the best nights of my life and I will remember them forever, the first night was my first on stage performance with an actual band and everyone loved it and then second night was my first date. I made her so happy in so many ways, I never saw her that happy before and honestly all I ever want is to make her happy. That’s all I could ask for, we went to see the new hobbit movie together and we shared our fandom moments and after words I gave her a pocket watch with a heart in it that said “people like you are hard to find.” and the truth she really is one of a kind.  A person like her comes around once in a life time but my memories of these past few nights will live forever and hopefully many nights like this will come ^.^


Beneath the white veil, Nadia
stirs black clouds,
These storms of passion
circling the gathered elements
of her displeasure,
Hands move towards the
desert landscape of her face,
A demeanor in ancient rituals
marking the black waters
that are her eyes,
What witness they bear to the
ravages of the bygone -
Still rippling across time’s
span and into the nomad’s
trail of present experience,
And history never died, and
ghosts never took their rest,
And the clock was a circle, and
the waters rose and fell,
And I was never her lover save
the night we did the rain dance,
And we were never one except
for the moment we shared blood,
Bypassing the structures of custom
barring our lips from exchanging
the warm lust that held us enthralled,
We sank into the underground of
a love so mysterious it drew us into
silence for our tongues were tied,
Only now do I come up for air and
find the mounds of earth marking the
place of interment for what once was.


Will with his defenses down


Get To Know the Fangirl | Ten Female Characters [1/10]
     ↳ Geraldine Granger

You were expecting a bloke? Beard, bible, bad breath? And instead you got a babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom.


polly, pretty polly, would you take me unkind?
let me sit beside you and tell you my mind,
well, my mind is to marry and never to part,
my mind is to marry and never to part,
the first time I saw you, it wounded my heart.


2/28/14: Jonathan Toews with Make-a-Wish’s Nicholas Skretkowski (NHL Revealed, ep 6 )


30 Days of Harry and Hermione | Movie Version
Day 28 ❥  Favorite “everyone ships them” moment

↳ Well, I notice you spend a great deal of time with Miss Granger. I can’t help wondering if…


i forgot what the error message was

A haiku from the article: Portraits on the Street, in the Moment

this is a moment i will never forget….. when beyoncé looked straight into my camera lens and we shared a little moment…. go back on tour i miss you bey