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[WGM Preview] JongYeon ep. 3
Seungyeon was given a mission card that read “Find your husband who is in Japan,” and had a mental breakdown. When Jonghyun saw Seungyeon near the airport’s entrance, he started laughing with a ‘mouth stuck to the ear’ type of laugh. (And also apparently Jonghyun said something in the backstage interview about when he saw Seungyeon at the airport… gonna have to find out in the episode) Also, Jonghyun acted as a tour guide for Seungyeon while also showing off his fluent Japanese skills. Furthermore, he continued on with his complements by saying “You’re pretty,” and “It seems like your eyes are going to draw me in.” After visiting places where Jonghyun had special memories, the two ate. Jonghyun played the guitar for her and they even rode around the park on a couple bicycle. Seungyeon, who rode behind Jonghyun, said, “I saw oppa’s back for the first time. It felt very reliable and my heart fluttered.” and blushed. Also, after seeing the present Seungyeon prepared for him, he said, “I got a heart attack. My heart raced while thinking about the fact that she prepared the present just for me.” (We’ll have to find out what she gave him on the episode.)

Trans by: gkboice
credits: Soompi JongYeon Official Thread