we belong to each other

…We know the sap
which courses through
the trees as we know
the blood that courses
through our veins.
We are part of
the earth and it
is part of us.
The perfumed flowers
are our sisters.
The bear, the deer,
the great eagle,
these are our brothers.
The rocky crests,
the dew in the meadow,
the body heat of the pony,
and man all belong to
the same family…
—  Chief seattle’s quote found on a serviette in “Bagels and Beans” - Amsterdam

One of my new friends from University said today in class something like “Oh my God, you hate everything! Did we ever said something that you actually liked too?” And I thought about it for a while and it was true. But what can I do about it? One of the supports Chelsea, the other one watches Glee… None of them have no idea who the hell are the Gallagher brothers or Benedict Cumberbatch. Pretty much most of the time that they say anything that they like, the only thing I have to add is: I hate it. And I told them that it’s not that I hate everything… I do hate a lot of things but I love a lot of things as well. We just don’t have ANYTHING in common. Just 2 things: we all enjoy Law School and beer.  

And now I just realized how fucked I am. God, I miss my old friends… Specially Pâmela. We were like, sisters. Really. We have so many things in common! I could talk to her about Tumblr, Sherlock and bands and she got it all. 


the thing that James Finnegan said to me, I can’t get it out of my head. It’s so awful mostly because I’m afraid it’s true and I need to tell someone and i trust you more than anyone but it might make you hate me. It might make you afraid of me because it’s made me afraid of myself

“This is a low point and I’m sure you’ll bounce back. I’ll be here for ya.“

“Will you, really? I mean, thank you, for being here when I needed you the most. It’s like you always knew when and where to find me. It’s pretty, um… what’s the word I’m looking for? Hm…”


Practice sketch of Sullen’s and I’s RP (Posing practice bleh legs!). Cute alternate scarf brothers sharing a tender moment with each other. If you want to you can consider this a gift for putting up with my billion of rps we have with each other ahahah.

Lemmy design belongs to Sullensmasher / Wacky-War-Machine

iknowwhatihavetodo asked:


Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs | Cuddling | PDA | Sleeping on | Sharing food | Whispers | Affectionate texts | Brushing hair | Petting hair | No displays of affection

Get Together;
Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike ?? | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | Your place | My place We live together | The internet

Would my character…

Marry them for tax benefits? Yes | No
Be sex friends? Yes | No
Have children/adopt? Yes | No 
Die for your character? Yes | No
Steal from your character? Yes | No (unless it was like a journal or something, then she might steal it/read it)
Steal for your character? Yes | No
Lie to them? Yes | No
Lie for them? Yes | No
Help hide a body? Yes (been there done that) | No

[ continued || momoandthemuses ]

“We belong to each other,” Evander said burying his face into Leodes’ chest, his words muffled slightly as he hugged the other tightly around the waist. He tilted his head up and gave Leodes’ a chaste kiss on the lips. “I missed you too. Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, family business and all that.”