Flower Crown Magazine: Issue 2

It’s here! For your viewing pleasure we present: Flower Crown Mag Issue 2!!!


Interviews with Jane Elliott, Aprill Hogue (aprill-showers) Hannah Giorgis of ethiopienne, and more!

Also featured:

A 101 on Rape Culture

A call for more disabled women in media by Katrina Vargas

A look back at Afropunk

Book reviews

Amazing art and a punk mermaid photoshoot by Natalie Reitz (nonatno)

We are also proud to announce that we are having a giveaway! Flower Crown Magazine is giving away 1 copy of Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men. In order to enter all you have to do is reblog!


So my friends and I went to McDonalds for our Christmas dinner

But we thought

Is McDonalds really up to our dining standards?

And our answer was ‘no’

So we decided to bring some class to the dining experience, with a table cloth, plates, cutlery, and Christmas crackers. Nothing says Christmas like a three course meal at a fast food restaurant.

  • Me:Internet frien-
  • Parents:PEDOPHILES
  • Friends:PEDOPHILES
  • People at school:PEDOPHILES
  • Me:But we like the same bands and tv shows so it's ok.

" I’ve been searching for an exit, but I’m lost inside my head "