Will “do you even lift” Graham


delena appreciation week. day 1: why do you love them?

i never know how to reply to this question cause i actually just love everything about them, and it wouldn’t fit into one gifset, but i tried. i love the development of the intimacy between them throught the seasons, i love that when they’re alone together they seem to forget the rest of the world exists; i love their banter, i love that they can joke and laugh at each other freely and it’s not awkward or uncomfortable; i love that they accept and love each other for who they are and they don’t turn their backs on each other and still have each other even when everybody else is judging and trying to fix them; i love that they have fun, they can be themselves and just enjoy their time together; i love all the sexual tension and hotness and insane chemistry; i love that they’ve been protecting and saving each other for four seasons now, especially damon would do just anything to keep elena safe; i love that they can make each other happy; i love that they’re best friends first, then the rest; i love that they’ve seen each other in their darkest moments and still cared; i love that no matter how often they push each other away, they always come back; i love that despite the differences at their core they’re very much similar and they know it.