Island Roots Top Five (5) “WTF” Pics Of Kadooment Day 2014

By: Christina-Katrina Smith

The curtain on Crop Over 2014 dropped over a month ago but some of us are still trying to get over that dreaded Crop Over tabanca. Island Roots is here with a one shot dose to heal you: five of the best wtf moments from Kadooment Day. Hopefully a good hearty laugh will help speed up your recovery. Although the article is titled wtf, we are sure the following pics will elicit one or two “wdrh” in true Bajan style.


WTF #1: Grab the bull by the horns

Kadooment Day isn’t complete until we have seen a woman jam down a police officer who is forced to endure the brief wukup session without flinching. But this here takes the cake. The award for the bravest female on the road (at least we hope it is a female) and our #1 wtf moment goes this brave soul who decided it was high time to grab the bull by the horns, or rather the police officer by the balls. 



WTF #2: Dressed to kill

Ladies have you ever gotten a call from your bff, “Ma girl I now get two passes fuh this fete. Go and get ready, I cain fuh you now!” So you rush to bathe, do your hair and dress in record time, having no time to check your appearance in the mirror. We are hoping that this is what happened in this pic. Nevertheless, it looks as if sweet girl is about to throw down a whine and as it is crop over time - who the hell cares what you wear, as long as you have a good time.



WTF #3: Put de….. all in ma face

Almost anything is allowed on Kadooment Day - nudity, intoxication and most forms of wukking up, but simulated oral sex? Ammm, we aren’t not too sure about that one. We have a few questions about this pic. The most important being: did he ever come up for air? In the mean time we just hope these two were able to find a room to finish whatever they were doing here. 



WTF #4: “All o dat is bumpa?”

Remember those things we mentioned which are allowed on Kadooment Day? Well this is one of them fuh sure! If ya got it, flaunt it and this is exactly what she is doing. We at Island Roots have one thing to say about this pic: boo, ya sweet awf! Shout out to Bajantube for this bootyful beautiful shot. 



WTF #5: “Are we gladiators or are we bitches?”

Of course we are gladiators and gladiators never run from the law. Even when there is a warrant issued for our arrest because Crop Over is clearly soo much more important than sitting in a court room. Much love to Columbus Short for gracing our small island with his presence for Kadooment Day but a few words of advice to Mr. Short: when you’re evading the law it is probably not a good idea to take pics with soldiers, just saying. 


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