Separates Have More Fun


Black, white and red silky tie dress- WD NY (via Goodwill) ~$5

Silver gladiators- Bongo (via TJ Maxx) ~$5

TOTAL COST: Approx. $10 

            Ah this dress. Silky to the touch (though not silk) and easy to wear. Only, it doesn’t make for an interesting outfit post. (That’s kind of the thing about dresses. Separates are much more fun!!) I did thrift this dress at a GW a number of years ago, which fits my blog’s mission statement. It’s a little big for me, but it ties in the back so I make it work. I had never heard of WD NY as a brand of clothing and the tag is super boring, but a Google hit reveals that it is a brand sold at Lord & Taylor (no wonder we haven’t crossed paths) and the retail price for dresses is in the $60 range. WOAH! Virtual savings of $55. Do I think this dress is worth $60? NO! Maybe $20- MAYBE! Alright, end rant about over priced clothing. Side note, don’t these gladiators go with everything? What will be my go-to winter shoe?

Tell me readers, Have you ever heard of WD NY? Inbox or email me at

Thriftfully Yours,


Fashion by stephanieroy featuring a shopping bag ❤ liked on Polyvore

Wallis black top

WDNY black vest

Rag & Bone lace up skinny jeans

H&M lace up platform ankle booties
$57 -

Givenchy shopping bag

C. Wonder heart earrings

River Island navy blue sunglasses
$16 -

Temperley London black leather belt
$285 -

#rp I really like this photo, but please be clear that I suck at pool. This must’ve been me telling @necee318 how many times I’d scratched that day. Good times. #tribevibe #iftheyhadtochooseteamsidbethelastonechosen #icannevercentermyballs #snort #itoldyouimtwelve #shesnotgoodeither #welookgoodthough #posingforstockphotostogoinsidethepictureframesatSears #heh #WDNY