Animal Kingdomland Update!

The Imaginationeers have just broken ground for the new Smurf Village project set to open up on April 21st 2015. From this point on they will be halting all other projects at WEDding Enterprises to ensure the timely opening of this most beloved land. My sources tell me that Imaginationeer Joey Rodey will be the chief hole digger for the Tree of Souls.


Disney Legend and Imagineer Tony Baxter was honored today with his very own window on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland!

“Receiving a window on Main Street is an honor reserved for those who have made an indelible mark on Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It’s a subtle, yet significant in-park tribute to the people who have lent their talents, passion and creativity to making our parks and resorts a place where dreams become reality. Tony has taken us on some incredible journeys over the years and has amassed a remarkable legacy – one now marked with a tangible recognition of all his efforts.” - Tom Staggs

"In 1970, Tony became an Imagineer and was a field art director for the opening of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. Over the years, Tony has not only played a key role in the development of many beloved attractions at the Disneyland Resort, such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (1979), New Fantasyland (1983), Star Tours (1987), Splash Mountain (1989), and Indiana Jones Adventure (1995), he has shared his creative influence at other Disney Parks and Resorts across the globe. In addition to being involved in the opening of Walt Disney World Resort in 1971, he also served as senior vice president responsible for the concept development, design and creation of Disneyland Paris for its opening in 1992." - DisneyParks Blog

He also developed one of my favorite attractions, Journey into Imagination in 1983. I had the honor of meeting him a few times over the years, and in the short times I got to talk with him he was incredibly nice. I hope to still see him occasionally wandering around the parks!