Travis, 16, Chappaqua, NY

I decided to come out in 8th grade when all the girls wanted to be like Carrie on Sex & The City and have the gay best friend. My favorite way to come out was to say, “Remember how you wanted a gay best friend?” then I’d say, “I was hoping that would be me.” I completely took advantage of my sexual orientation. Not having a lot of friends at the time, I thought that was a brilliant idea.

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here's the deal yo.

You may know this already, but I belong to a radio show. A radio show that happens to be named OutCasting. OutCasting is currently run by about 5 teens, including me, who care about LGBTQPIA(etc…) issues, lifestyles, opinions, rights, and favorite pokemon. IN FACT, we are the ONLY radio show of our kind (that we know of). Seriously. Unique as a freaking snowflake.

ANYWHO. The production of OutCasting is going spendidly, with one tiny exception. Our lovely radio station- which makes all things OutCasting possible- is in dire need of funding. We’re totally volunteer run, community-public radio, which means that there are no commercials, EVAR, AND you get amazing quality news, music, and original shows. It also means that listener contributions and underwriting are necessary for us to continue doin our thang and givin you all the good radio that you love to love (lots of love, see?).

SO. If you’re thinkin that hey, this is cool. These people are cool. This is a good thing that’s happening, then YOU, YES YOU can learn more about donating RIGHT HERE at www.wdfh.org

You can ALSO follow OutCasting! Right now! By clicking the “follow” button! See! www.outcasting.tumblr.com

So check us out. Or not. But I really hope you do. Ok that’s it. I love you all.

Hugs and Kisses (unless you’re under 12)



Hey You!

yeah you.



-I work on a community public radio show called OutCasting? That deals with LGBTQA(etc. and so on) centered issues? 

-did you know that it’s run completely by teens?

-did you know that you can listen to it/download podcasts RIGHT HERE?!

-did you know that you can also FOLLOW us on tumblr???!!!!


The Twelve 1Days of Christmas: 2 Ships We Love

On the 2nd 1Day of Christmas, WDFH gave to you… two ships we love #zouis #larry


On the second 1day of Christmas Jenily sent to me

2 Ships We Love,
and One Favorite Member ZOUIS Our BroTP

Zouis is our BroTP because they’re besties and remind Jenily of ourselves.


Because they’re beautiful together and have been since 2010 since Louis was 18 :,)



Some things change:

And some stay the same:

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wanna know why I love working on OutCasting and why we need your help now more that ever?


WDFH's Best of 2014: Zayn Malik Gifs

These are our favorite @zaynmalik gifs of 2014.

Warning: This post is thirsty

Zayn Malik Gifs


2. This reminds me of me and Jenn.



5. Best reaction gif ever.



The Night Changes video, well these gifs of Zayn cos I didn’t watch the video, changed my life.

Ask Emily about how disgusting I was after the shows in Pasadena about Zayn. I was ready to turn in my Louis fangirl card to become…

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WDFH's Best of 2014: Memes

WDFH’s Best of 2014: Memes

These are probably old and not funny. Sort of like Jenn.

Internet Memes

Emily: 1.

WDFH's Best of 2014: Memes





Jenn: 1.



I tried to find the Harry Styles version of this but found this instead:

Wait! Found it!!



louis washing his hands pic.twitter.com/EAQSVaxtd4

— rich louis af (@louisandmoney) September 28, 2014

louis when all the 5sos stans hate on him pic.twitter.com/9dS8Vi5SJP

— rich…

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The Twelve 1Days of Christmas: 3 Harry Hats We Wanted to Burn

On the 2nd 1Day of Christmas, WDFH gave to you… the 3 @harry_styles hats we hate



On the third 1day of Christmas Jenily sent to me

3 Harry hats we want to burn,
2 Ships We Love,
and One Favorite Member

1. At least his shoes are brown?

2. It’s torn. (Jenn: I tore it)

3. It doesn’t even fit in the frame.

Harry, as we have said before:

Before you put on another hat.

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WDFH's Best of 2014: Celebrities who aren't in One Direction Edition

Our journey continues with the top celebrities we loved who weren’t members of One Direction.

Our Favourite (non-1D) Celebrities

Emily: 1. Laverne Cox

2. Alex Turner

3. Miley Cyrus

4. Michael B Jordan

5. Danny DeVito

Jenn: 1. North West

2. Blue Ivy Carter

3. Prince George

me too little man

4. The Jolie-Pitt children esp. Shiloh 

i love that they allow shiloh just to be…

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WDFH's Best of 2014: Albums Edition

These are our best albums of 2014, and you’ll be surprised.

Our journey continues with the top 5 albums we loved this year.


Emily: 1. Gaslight Anthem’s “Get Hurt”

I saw them last year at Voodoo Festival and really fell in love with them.

2. Phantogram’s “Voices”

I’ve seen them twice this year, once in daylight and the other in a concert venue. You have to see them in a concert venue because they have an amazing lightshow that goes along with…

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WDFH's Best of 2014: Celebrity Tweet Edition

Best of 14: Celeb Tweets with @edsheeran @kanyewest @harry_styles & @louis_tomlinson

Our journey continues with the top 5 tweets from celebrities we loved.

And this isn’t really a tweet buttttttttt shout out to Niall for following that 1D Sims account that was just Larry and Ziam porn where his sim just watched while they played hide the sausage. Thanks Niall, we laughed til we cried.

Celebrity Tweets Emily: 1. Zayn Malik

Ask me if I give a motherfuck ?!!

— zaynmalik1D…

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