Thought I’d drop by their agency since I’m in Korea & ran into them and died. I can’t do this someone save me



T/N: She says in the 2nd tweet that she drew out her exchange with them!

A staff with taekook saw them and asked them to leave, which they did but lucky them they ran into taekook again outside.  

For a while they were just watching taekook walk by in stunned silence. Then halfway Taehyung seemed to notice them.

The two of them (Jungkook and Taehyung) started whispering to each other. Then all of a sudden Taehyung just jumped on Jungkook & made Jungkook. piggyback him down the road until they disappeared round the bend.

Fanacc & Fanart © okata_k 
Trans © @jamhoseok | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS