i hope the world ends in an epic battle of good vs evil as dave franco steps up to destroy james franco

I will comfort you when you’re sad. When you’re insecure, I will tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t be. I will tell you how you put the stars in the sky for me, I will ensure you that I want nobody else. I will tell you how you fulfill my life with joy every moment we spend together, I will take you to places you have always wanted visit. I will make mistakes, but I will always make it up again. But most of all, I will love you, I will love you, I will love you.
—  t.k.

mutuals who unfollow you because you don’t have the same opinion as them - fuck them, they are not worth it.
people who call you ignorant because you have a different opinion, fuck them too. generally, all people who try to make you feel bad because you have a different opinion, fuck them all.
Your opinion has the same value as theirs,don’t be afraid to post about them. We are all free to express ourselves.

I messed around on my friends tinder with her permission earlier n it wuz a disturbing experience almost half of the openers were some poorly thought out derivative of “wyd sexy” how do women deal with this app

I love the use of sheer materials over women’s breasts, such as Valentino or Francesco Scognamiglio do. I think it is so elegant and classy in a feministic and provocative way, while allowing the beauty of the female body to be shown.