okay but can we talk about Daryl’s knight in shining arm bit though, riding in on his motorcycle and saving carol from the herd? because that’s some straight up fairytale shit right there

Writers, when penning scenes in which two or more characters are of the same gender, often encounter the problem of how to distinguish one person from the other. If everyone is a “she” or a “he,” how is the audience to know which character is doing or saying what and when?

As I’ve often noticed in slash fanfic, writers have the tendency to twist their prose into knots, trying to accomplish this in a “creative” fashion. If I had a nickel for every time Tony Stark was referred to as “the billionaire,” or “the resident genius” in fanfic, I’d be sipping Mai Tais off the coast of Florida instead of running this blog. “But Dr. E,” you might say, “if I don’t use descriptors, how will my readers ever understand who’s doing what in my story?”

Well, here are a few tips that may help you:

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