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Terra Ryzing becomes Jean-Paul Levesque and acquires a bad French accent before our very eyes! Yes, before he was Triple H in WWE, he was another hopeful young WCW wrestler in 1994. I believe the story behind this promo was that Terra Ryzing was told of the name change on short notice and that he was also expected to speak in a French accent. Despite his last name, Paul Levesque was not from France - New Hampshire, to be exact - and was unsure of what do do to fake an accent. Some joker (Ric Flair maybe? Dusty Rhodes, perhaps?) suggested using Inspector Clouseau as a voice prototype and, well, you can see the result for yourself. Talk about being thrown to the wolves! Thirty seconds of promo time is adequate enough to make this poor kid look like a goof that wouldn’t amount to much. However, that kid went on to bigger and better things, which you can see every Monday night on Raw!