That’s right! Yamino, of Sister Claire, and Chloé, of Go Get a Roomie, will be recording an episode with The Webcomic Beacon mid-November. It will be about fan fiction comics, fannon, character shipping, and all of that jazz! We’ll be talking about Chloé’s Kim Possible fan-comic, as well as Yamino’s multiple tumblr character ships, including Adventure Time!

Speaking of which, if you have a question for either Yamino or Chloé, send us an email (with your name and your question) to WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the Adventure Time #3 comic book (Yamino’s cover variant), and a character bust sketch of your choice, drawn by either Chloé or Yamino! Two winners total (same prize), only one chance per person!

Questions will be pre-sorted, and organized before the show by The Webcomic Beacon. Both Chloé and Yamino will each pick one best question, to be the winners of the prizes! Winners will be contacted after the show is recorded.

Enter by November 17th, 2012!

Webcomic Beacon #249: Being a Performer, with Michael Corley

Michael Corley (Vox in a Box) joins us to (eventually) talk about his comic, as well as tell us all about his performing career and how to be the best performer you can! Join the show with Fes Works, Mark Savary, and Kelly Turnbull!

This is a Webcomic Beacon 5th Anniversary PRIZE EPISODE! Listen for the PRIZE KEYWORD (towards the end of this show), and email it to WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com (with your first name, last initial, and state); for a chance to win a Personalized Voicemail Message recorded by Mark Savary, Fes Works, Witchiebunny, or Michael Corley! There are FOUR potential winners here! Prize #3 Deadline: December 1st.

Webfiction Reading: Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Red Riding Hood – Chapter 2 (part 1)

Fes Works reads chapter 2 (part 1) of SGL’s Tales of the Big Bad Wolf (Red Riding Hood Arc) for Webfiction World.

Apologies that this is not the FULL chapter 2, but it would have been quite long for one go. We will release the 2nd part of chapter 2 sooner than usual… which is looking for be every other week (alternating with the other reading). Frequency of the readings, or the number of webfiction serials, could change to occur more often in the future.

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Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for November 4th, 2012

Typhon Blue (Genderratic), Nicole Dieker (Hello, The Future), and John Lotshaw (Accidental Centaurs) rejoin us in this week’s webcomic and comic news and discussion. Mostly legal cases in discussion this week: A questionable IndieGoGo campaign gives pause to Eric and  James Carreon playing hide and seek; and more! Plus a special zombie-themed music video playlist!

Shelf Review Special: Halloween Comic Fest 2012

A wide assortment of free comics for Halloween Comic Fest2012: Scooby Doo/Batman Adventures (DC Comics), Ultimate Spiderman/Avengers (Marvel Comics), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW), New Crusaders (Red Circle Comics), Zombie Kid Diaries (Antartic Press), Axe Cop (Dark Horse Comics), Little Miss Daredevil (Vizkids), Johnny Boo & Harold (Top Shelf Comix), Ghostbusters (IDW), Adventure Time (Kaboom!), Spacehawk (Fantagraphics Books), Cow Boy (Archaia), Rebecca & Ernest (Papercutz), Scouts! (Kizoic), and Strawberry Shortcake (Kizoic).