Prompt 1B Angst (ish)

Slightly angsty

Sherlock: What if something goes wrong? 

Molly: We are in a hospital full of doctors. We will be fine.  

Sherlock: What if she has two heads? 

Molly: Pretty sure we would have seen that on the scan.  

Sherlock: What if she only has nine fingers? 

Molly: I think you can still teacher her how to play the violin.  

Sherlock: What if she hates the violin? 

Molly: That really wont be the end of the world.  

Sherlock: What if she is a he?! 

Molly: Then we name him after your father instead of your mother.  

Sherlock: What if she -  


Sherlock: *stares at her in surprise* 

Molly: Unless you are going to push this baby out of your va-who-whoo, shut up and sit down.  

Sherlock: *sits down next to Molly and takes her hand* I love you. 

Molly: *rolls her eyes and kisses him on the cheek* I love you too. 

Restaurant Review - Lobster Kitchen

Restaurant Review – Lobster Kitchen

Situated just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, Lobster Kitchen is a Shell Fish haven taking its inspiration from the lobster Shacks popular in Maine, New England. The menu considers of lobster served in a number of ways and to kick of my tasting session sampled the Asian style Lobster Roll. Beautifully cooked pieces of claw and knuckles meat…

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Workshop: "Supervising the PhD in Law", IALS 5 May

Workshop: “Supervising the PhD in Law”, IALS 5 May

IALS workshop

Title: “Supervising the PhD in Law”.
Date: 5 May, 9.30-5.30
Venue: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR.
Workshop website: www.events.sas.ac.uk/events/view/18016

BOOKING:  Registration fees apply to this workshop.  For further information and to access online payments please go to event web page.
Registration Fees – Full Day: £75.00; Morning only:…

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Book - Expanded English version

Ludwig Leo Ausschnitt

Edited by Antje Buchholz, Jack Burnett-Stuart, Gregor Harbusch, Michael von Matuschka and Jürgen Patzak- Poor

This book examines five projects by the Berlin architect Ludwig Leo (1924–2012), including the famous DLRG boathouse (1967–73) and the extraordinary pink and blue Umlauftank (1967–74). Appearing in conjunction with an Architectural Association / Wüstenrot Stiftung exhibition of the same name, the book is the first to be published in English about the work of this enigmatic architect. Illustrated with numerous drawings from the Ludwig Leo archive, texts and conversations about Leo’s work and legacy, and with a foreword by Peter Cook.

May 2015
152pp, col & b/w ills 332 × 240 mm, paperback 978-1-907896-72-9

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