Gamma watched his flustered boyfriend and kept quiet at the others apology for a moment. A smile slowly formed across his face as he thought back to the recent kiss. He regretted nothing and was actually glad the kiss happened like it did, not once did he feel pressured and instead he felt good about it. Junsu cleared his throat and shifted a little before he moved over to the distracted Hyukjin, grabbed his cheeks and tilted his head up to give him another kiss before he stood up, grabbing the water bottle Hyukjin was looking for when he spotted it then held out his other hand to help Hyukjin up to his feet as well. “I loved it. I really loved the kiss.” He smiled at Hyukjin sincerely. “I’m also glad you didn’t ask.. I might have objected if you did.. then I would have never known how great a kiss can be- when kissed by a great kisser, of course.” He couldn’t help but smile wider, handing over the water bottle Hyukjin misplaced.

Hyukjin took the last few sips of his water after the other spoke then closed his eyes and dropped his head with a happy laugh. He almost asked Gamma if he really thought he was a great kisser but filed it away for later, grabbing his jacket and slipping his arm around Junsu’s waist, tugging him along back to the path. “I’m glad you loved it~ I did too.” He turned to kiss the other’s cheek and pulled back to grab his hand instead, tossing his bottle in the trash as they passed it. “Do you want to stay up here a little more or head back? We’re walking now, right?” he asked, hoping his voice didn’t sound too hopeful as he squeezed Gamma’s hand. He took his phone out of his jacket pocket and looked at himself on the screen, making a face at how red his cheeks were and how his hair was clinging to his skin. “I’m going to have to take another shower when we go back.”