DAY 2568

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  26/27,  2015                Sun/ Mon  2:58 am

Work continues over ‘Wazir’ … those last minute left over shots that should form an integral part of the film … the joy of being in the company of familiar faces from Production and cast … the fierce fight for the exit and its next appointment …

The city of Mumbai keeps changing every hour … its horizons develop and its structures which once formed the guide lines for a destination, now enveloped in different hues of real estate.

Today particularly it is noticed with some candour .. we are all at Karan Johar’s for dinner, at his newly acquired apartment, which has some interesting views, awed by its position and space at the terrace of a duplex. The eye line is filled with panoramic visuals of this great metropolis and its impressive land marks … all seen and identified by merely standing on top of the building and moving, panoramically on either side.

There is the rarity of meeting and being in the company of the younger generation of the Industry, to listen to them in their element of creativity, not just for themselves but for the others as well .. directors actors writers all mingling in a small but connected community of guests, in gay abandon, discussing cinema cultures of the past days, management guru’s of the present that manage the lives and careers of these young, and tutoring almost to the point of no return, of the work we did in our time and all the welcome changes that have taken place, now.

This floor, this apartment, has been the focus of attention for many reasons. The first and the most important being the Ruler of Monaco’s relatives giving rise to expectation, for the future … this viva having taken place in his ‘apartment’ , his Palace in Udaipur, where it was expressed that fight we shall, against adversity, but shall never give in to what may specifically be called  drawing room humour … got it … ?

There is more work tomorrow … there is an exploration of the fields that have caused immense problems to those besides, in broad day light …

I must retire now .. there is much to say, there is intent of freedom to feel the pain of production, and many more episodes where the little things in life matter.

Love and more ….

Amitabh Bachchan 

Wazir Khan Mosque Minarets by Mystapaki on Flickr.

Over here the beautiful minarets of the Wazir Khan Mosque can be seen soaring above the hustle and bustle of one of Lahore’s oldest Bazaars the “Kashmiri Bazaar”. The Wazir Khan Mosque is actually located deep in the middle of old Lahore it can be an arduous task for someone who is not that fond of walking through congested streets but its like best thing ever for the adventurous type