Ok but tru story

If Eric Cartman wanted to come out of the closet, he would do it in the most dramatic fashion possible. He would film himself doing deep inner monologues about no one understanding him and how he gets bullied all the time for being gay ( which he doesn’t) and how he doesn’t care what the world thinks, he’s gotta be true to himself

And then he goes to break the news to his mom and he does the whole really awkward sit down, I have something to tell you, sitting there, playing with his hands, taking the deep breaths, saying how hard it is, and then he tells her and his mom’s just like

"Yes poopsikins I know."

And Eric is SO MAD because he wants her to give him shit about it and be all like “no son of mine” blah blah and she’s just like “LOL Eric I’ve done so many chicks you don’t even know”

And he gets the same shit at school and everyone is just like “we know” and he’s like “how could you guys know??!” And Stan is like “dude we thought you came out in like third grade”

And he’s so upset he writes up a script and distributes it to everyone so he can come out PROPERLY and it’s all shit like his mom threatening to kick him out (but she starts crying because she can’t bear the thought of her poopsikins on the streets) and how his friends have to like call him names and like shove him to the ground and shit (Kyle likes this part a lot) and like it ends with him giving a really heartfelt speech to the town on acceptance and shit.

then like immediately after he’s like “oh you guys I feel so much better I think I can really start living my life now.”

And Stan and Kyle are both just like “finally ugh Christ”

And Eric’s like “come on you guys, let’s go live!” And they’re about to head off but then he stops Kyle and is like “except you you stupid Jew gtfo”

apprehensivekitty asked:

everything is seriously so weird and confusing right now. how are you coping dear with all this news?

The way I usually deal with stress: a blanket, tears and ice cream.

… Okay, no. On a more serious note, I suggest taking a step back and wait. This fandom is used to over-analyse things because we’ve been taught that nothing, ever, is transparent. However, this is like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces: you just can’t. We can guess, analyse what we have and theorise—at least for me, trying to understand the bigger picture is a way to cope with all that’s been happening, so, yeah, this is a way to cope, even when it turns out that I was wrong. It keeps my mind busy.

However, if you feel that it’s too much, log off Tumblr and do something else, or, simply, get into the ‘time will tell’ mindset. Whatever happens, it’s all set, and it’s probably been set for months now, so we can’t change a thing. We can’t ever change a thing. Try to relax. Read a book. Have a walk. 

I believe that someone behind the scenes wants us to speculate, or they wouldn’t have sent goodbyeadulthood (if you, like me, think that she was a new team plant). Sometimes I think, what if she had never been part of the fandom? What if she hadn’t led the discussion last summer, introducing Azoff into the picture? Of course, nothing says that Azoff will be their next manager, and it won’t be 100% settled until we get an official statement (Billboard, I’m lighting candles for you). All the theories concerning Azoff are, right now, 100% speculation, only supported by GBA’s role in the fandom last year, the way it looked like two teams were handling the band, the change in narrative regarding Harry and Louis, and the introduction of the american press. But where would have we been, if GBA hadn’t slipped Azoff’s name into our minds? (IMHO, even more confused and hopeless than we are now.)

Regardless whether we are right or wrong, it’s my firm belief that 1DHQ and a potential new team knows perfectly that this side of the fandom theorises all the time, and that someone, for some reason, wanted us to have something to work on in preparation to the events that came next. GBA was in my opinion more for us than it was for them.

Anyway, sorry, I got sidetracked. I may be 100% wrong.

Regarding your question: sometimes, taking some time off the fandom is the answer. Or—work with the ‘whatever happens next, it’s already set’ train of thought. Sometime it’s a blessing to be powerless.

Time is a gentleman.

proving a point

i have been trying to convince my parents that bvb ptv mcr adtr fir etf fob patd and others are normal way of coping with stress…. day 7 they yet to believe their popularity…. can you the internet help?

What to do in a storm

Small steps toward empowering me
Remain calm during a storm at sea
Allow the winds to blow it away
By choosing peaceful words to say

Sugar is sweet & catches a lot
Fishing for trouble, sweet it is not
My mind’s captain is me
From your hurricane I will flee

Calm waters occur under the stars
Avoid ships with tyrannical tsars
Heed warnings heard far & near
A healthy you let’s a smile appear

If you spot rocky, shallow ground
Turn your ship quickly around
Take another approach toward land
Sometimes it requires a helping hand

Life’s not always easy while you’re alive
Don’t allow another’s hate to enter & survive
Of course when your life is no more
What will people remember you for

I gave up swearing for Lent, which was a problem for me tonight because spewing creative profanities at my math textbook is the main way I cope with having a lot of homework.  Apparently, my replacement stress reliever is random fits of sobbing.

I strongly prefer the swearing, because at least that way I feel like I have some control over the situation (although the crying does get me major pity points with my mom, which is nice).

Looks like Catholic moral teaching has failed me yet again!

anonymous asked:

Well you mentioned that drama was nice, and apparently cosplay is a good way to cope with stressful times. :D

yeah it was, tbh when we did our last performance it was probably the most fun thing I’ve done, and I got to make 3 new friends and get closer to another so it was p cool.

and it is, like I just immerse myself into the character, tbh I still have chihiros outfit but not like Im going to another convention anytime soon :/

You really don’t know what’s going through your own mind until shit happens
Life just takes you by surprise like that
The way you cope with the built up stress then the mourning
By talking to family and friends or hugging the whiskey bottle alone
Whether you go out to get fresh air or lay to deteriorate, not eating all day, in bed
Bottled up emotions, caged in like an animal, getting fiercer by the day
The beast, although bruised and hurt, pounding on that gated door
Then the question of strength comes into your mind
Then the question of reputation comes to mind
Then you find yourself questioning everything, feeding the the beast more fuel
To be more angry, to be more sad, to be more doubtful; to feel, for better or for worse
Thinking of the event of which happened, the cause and effect, the purpose, the meaning
Consistently searching the truth to all of your questions
Never noticing the downward spiral it eventually leads to, depression
People keep telling you it’ll get better, this for a fact you know…
But how long until the questions stop?
But how long until the paranoia stops?
How long do these feelings of confusion, guilt, sadness, hopelessness stop?
Just how long…?

anonymous asked:

Erika: CRAYONS: Do you have any activities, crafts, or hobbies you enjoy as a Little/Caregiver/Ageplayer/ABDL? SNACKS: Do you have a favorite food? Does it change depending on headspace or mood? DIARY: Do you keep a journal, diary, scrapbook, or something else for your development in CGl/Ageplay/ABDL? PEEK-A-BOO: How many people, if anyone, know you are a Caregiver/Little/Ageplayer/ABDL? How did they react? If you haven't told anyone, do you want too? Why or why not? *little-princess-amber* xxx

Crayons: I really like coloring, dancing,sleeping, and going to the park.

Snacks: My favorite foods are white chocolate covered strawberries and banana chips. But in little space, I really like having things like baby food pouches, mac and cheese, and fruit with fruit dip.

Diary: I don’t keep anything like a journal nowadays, but I’ve always been little, since my preteens. It started as a way to cope with stress. You can see that from when I used to keep a journal back in middle school.

Peek-a-boo: My little sister, my boyfriend, and my older brother know about my lifestyle. They all reacted much better than I would have expected. They don’t treat me any differently, they help me when I want to be in my little space.