Wayde is the BEST scarification artist in Australia and one of the founding fathers of scarification in the world. His art was what inspired me to want to progress into scarification and he is also one of the nicest blokes you’d ever meet.

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Fresh and Healed comparison on this Japanese Pattern Scarification.
Beautiful example illustrating just how much the body takes over and can create varying textures throughout a scar spread out over multiple are of the body, crossing muscle groups and joints.
Interesting to note the reduction of scar tissue on the hip where clothing over time acts as a sort of compression bandage and reduces the raised level of localized scar tissue.

In my opinion, a gorgeous and unique result.

Scarification by Wayde Dunn.


Here is a healed scarification collaboration between myself and Steve Haworth. It was a combination between my scalpel scarification and Steve’s Cautery branding (and also his implant work). The results turned out amazing and really compliment the existing implant work done by Steve.

Photo credit: Steve Haworth

This Maya image was cut onto Brodie’s side somewhere around 2005, if i had to guess.
This pic is from when it was first done. I have progressive healed pics to post later so you can see what it became.
This cutting healed unlike anything either Brodie or myself expected.. just a testament to how unpredictable scars really are and how little control both myself and the client have over the final results.

Scarification by Wayde Dunn