Headcanon : Sasuke that I always think he'd be before Sarada.

Sasuke seems so cool, silent and distant outside even when he’s walking beside Sakura.

He doesn’t speak much, sometimes he just naturally holds her shoulder, bends over slightly to hear her better, puts a hand on her back to gesture her on something, puts a coat over her when it’s windy, holds the door or grocery bags for her. Everything mostly in silence, while Sakura doesn’t mind one bit and speaks cheerfully most of the time.

However when there are only two of them at home, Sasuke just sticks close to Sakura. He talks a little more, but still not much. His favourite is snuggling into her bosom or neck every possible second with big arms holding her tightly. Sometimes Sakura finds it a little difficult doing her housework with Sasuke being glued to her body.

Surprisingly, without any confirmation sound from him, Sakura comes to realise that Sasuke likes being spoiled by her. Like let her wash his hair, blow-dry it later (while still burying his head on her lap), hug him and stroke his back. He loves having her slender yet warm arms circling around his broad shoulders, her chin on the top of his head, while he slowly takes in her scent on her collar and fluffy chest where her heart lays.

He feels comfortable being surrounded by her, by her softness, her warmth and her peace. He feels protected, by something unseen, that he seems to forget for too long. Like it’s okay to relax, set loose to your usually tense muscles, it’s okay to be free from any worry or even thinking. You’re protected. She’s here covering for you. She won’t let anything hurt you, anymore. As much as how he’s gonna protect her with all his might once they’re out there.

But here, she’s his guardian instead. That’s why drowning in her warmth, snuggling to her heart and heat are so right to him. They all deliver to him the same message.

“It’s okay to be happy.”

She’s his happiness. He will never let go. Even if some days she decides to leave (that he knows is not gonna happen anyway), he won’t let her. He never let her. She’s his. Only his. His everything.

Without her, his world will fall down again.

That’s why he’s gonna cuddle in her lap like this anytime possible. Forever. This is his place and no one else can take it from him, even her.

Sasuke likes being spoiled by Sakura. And Sakura of course, like spoiling her Uchiha too.

He hardly says anything at all, but she understands everything he wants.

(Nevertheless, when Sarada is born, Sasuke surely has a hard time sharing his favourite spot.

But he compromises, when Sakura, blushing hard like a cute tomato, whispers to his ear, promises some “more attractive” treatments to him every night.)

top 10 tv shows

write down your top shows and tag 10 people to do the same! i was tagged by the bae octaevias

i watch way too many tv shows so let’s see (and these are of course not in order bc that’s like picking a favorite child or a favorite character)

  1. the 100
  2. 3rd rock from the sun
  3. brooklyn nine-nine
  4. parks and recreation
  5. graceland
  6. 30 rock
  7. criminal minds
  8. emily owens m.d.
  9. how to get away with murder
  10. eye candy
  11. harper’s island
  12. smash

(what are you talking about that’s totally ten)

i tag: matthewmrdck, boleynss, luurps, fightingoctavia, sassymurph, m0ntymiller, wanderinglilly, nmillers, puppycisco, grnderprincessoctavia (basically everyone i just tagged in the other one bc i’m lazy lmao and only if you want to ofc)


PJO // HoO cast size / height comparison chart

for the purpose of finally getting some full body practice!!
These guys’ proportions are important to me.

Art by me
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tv meme [2/5] favorite female characters: amy santiago

“I’m too competitive, prone to jealousy, bit of a killjoy, follow rules to a fault, don’t know how to relax, and… every now and then I smoke a cigarette. Is that what you’re looking for? Because I can keep going! I am deeply flawed!”

Everyday during homework time....
  • Me:Okay! alright homework time lets get to-
  • Fanfiction:*whispers* Hey, you there....
  • Me:What the actual fuck....Where is that coming from?
  • Fanfiction:I'm over here....... on your phone...Come to me....
  • Me:Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away...
  • Fanfiction:You know you want to....I'm right here....
  • Me:*twitches but still ignores*
  • Me:....fuck.
  • 2 hours later
  • Me:*Trying to explain to my mother* BUT IT WAS CALLING TO ME! THE FEELS WERE REAL!
  • Fanfiction:Nerd.