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Shit bro, I was never good at cooking but get this. I heard of this product called an easy bake oven. Girl I was flirting with told me about it. ‘Supposed to make baking a whole lot easier. Yeah bro I ordered like ten. She said it was so easy a kid could use it.

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I know you let only that one speculation on Ben's sexuality go through, but i just want to share my opinion why he at least didn't pick someone he's friend with. Because he is decent man. do you really think he would ask an actual FRIEND of him to give up on love, romance and dating only for his career? that would be awful. But being in fake relationship with person he doesn't care for (and who doesn't care for him) is way easier. It's only business, no feelings involved.

But she’s still a human being.  Not a robot.  That doesn’t make him decent.  Just biased.  Even if it’s a business arrangement, that person would still have to give up on love, romance and dating as you say - for life?   The idea is SO cold and calculating – it’s beyond douchecanoe if that’s the case. 


Grell asks the single most important question in all of Black Butler.

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