figuring out my sexuality is as hard as figuring out what I want my favourite TV show couples to be.

Do I like guys? Do I like girls? Do I want them to kiss and have the cutest relationship ever? Do I want them to be the very best of platonic friends in the entire fucking universe? Do I even care what I like apart from that I just like people that are attractive to me and DO i even care if they kiss or not as long as they’re together and have each other?


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I'm already quite tall (5'8'') and I've seen these really cool vagabond chelsea boots but they have a 4 inch heel and I'm not sure if this is too much for just I dunno walking around what do you think? xx

I personally think that’s fine, you’ll just show everyone what a boss ass bitch you are. Fuck irrelevant people, if you like it wear the fuck out of it. Don’t let your height stop you. xxxxxxx

Korean study group

This are the votes so far

Group chat (kakaotalk/line):4

Facebook page: 3

My vote goes to a facebook page because that way it would be easier to give structure to what topics are being discussed and you guys can comment your solutions or also send in something that you guys need help with stuff like that ^^

I will let this be open for discussion for 24h and make another post about it tomorrow :)

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To an extent, I can see where some Swan Queen shippers might be coming from about Savior Queen. But overall, I don't see the bad in having a separate tag for just the canon, platonic relationship as it stands now. Most Swan Queen fans, I imagine, would have no problem at all scrolling the Swan Queen tag and seeing stuff about their friendship crop up every so often. Whereas non shippers would have to scroll through miles of shipping posts to see anything about just their friendship.

yes that is true! it would be easier that way! also, as skyliange mentioned, there are so many anti-hook, anti-robin, and anti-shipping posts in the SQ tag its sometimes easier for multishippers and SQBROTPers to search the 'savior queen' tag. that’s what some are having a hard time grasping… that people want to AVOID seeing their ship hated on over and over again——it has nothing to do with being homophobic and everything to do with not wanting to see your OTP attacked again and again… the hate is pretty bad at times, and not tagged properly! so yeah, its easier to just make a new tag, not see the hate, and enjoy the friendship that’s blossoming… 

but also from my side of it, these same people using ‘savior queen’ did so BECAUSE they were told their ‘friendship posts weren’t wanted'…. THAT is what upsets me… that positive posts were under fire just because it wasn’t a romantic post… "killing with kindness" my ass!!!

Good morning!

Ball point pen on A4 printing paper warm up. Empty plates doodle build up around negative shapes. That means I did not draw any object you see here. I drew the empty spaces around and within the ‘plate’ and the utensils simply appear where they should be. It’s easier this way for a more complicated subject.

No more ink left in the pen and that is all I have for this sketch. What an unusual way to define complete.


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honestly life is so much easier one you realize how bullshit gender conformity is and start viewing everyone the same way. so much easier when you learn its ok to be feminine, to be overly feminine even! and that this doesn’t make you any less valuable as a person

Coworker - If you’re bi doesn’t that make it way easier to find a partner?
Me - after laughing several minutes - No it doesn’t. I’m twice as picky.


Grell asks the single most important question in all of Black Butler.

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