There is nobody else on this earth that I know that is as strong as her, as wonderfully silly as her, or anyone else that has as beautiful of a soul as she does.  

As seen above, Rosemary can work her ass off and make it to Vancouver Fashion Week, and be the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen, as well as being the model of the whole week (not just in my biased boyfriend eyes).  

Rosemary can let go and be the tree-hugging, moss-licking hippie that her heart so desires to be.

And, Rosemary can be the person smiling her ass off while trying to get her damn dog to balance on a log for the cutest picture ever thought of.

Rosemary can do all of this while balancing school, multiple jobs at times, financial trouble, and crappy people in her life among other things.  

She is a kick-ass human being, and one that I am lucky to have in my life.  I love you RoRo.

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Here’s another step by step tutorial pack of one of my original paintings : )comes with video tutorials from start to finish. partly full body and rendering out in bust : )Wanted to paint a gamer girl, Messy hair is one feature that I have when I play games because I would wake up first thing in the morning playing games, but that’s back in the days when I had time for games XD something light and fun !

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                                   Finally reached 100 posts!

This blog started of as just a way for me to show my astro images to my friends but it’s exploded into so much more!
I’ve somehow exceeded 3,000 followers and received over 250 messages from people asking how to get into astrophotography.
So to celebrate I’m posting my top ten favourite images I’ve taken over the past 2 years!

Thank you all so much.