sure giants fans can be annoying but dodgers fans

  • do the wave
  • interrupt the game by throwing fucking beach balls everywhere
  • like seriously everywhere they go
  • why do you need to throw beach balls on the field youre annoying everyone


So these gorgeously terrifying metal monsters (the tall ones, the other one’s mah baby) were good enough to pose for these pictures 2 years ago and I’ve marveled ever since at the pristine state of their makeup. You’ll still see photos around of this concert, our first one, Wild West Fest 2013 in Calico Ghost Town. Rabbit’s design that day I swear must have been the most exquisite of the pants era. The asymmetrical vest, the loupe on the goggles, and lookit that paint, holy crap. She threw in everything but the teeth. And a doofy expression to really sell it. ;)

And though it was April, there was some kind of freak heat wave. It was literally no relief to use a fan, or stand in the shade, except that at least the sun wasn’t adding to the oven-like heat. Any part of you that was exposed to the air couldn’t retain sweat long enough to do much. I still wonder how they all got through it (poor lil Walter Girls in they petticoats) but now I understand why David’s neck is still perfectly painted right there. He literally could not sweat the makeup off.

What it took me 2 years to notice: Rabbit’s vest had real pockets. The benefits of getting a tailored item… you can say, “Yeah, make it form fitting, make me look hot, throw in a corset back and, oh, I wanna be able to jam full sized photo signing pens into my pocket when sweet little girls come to pose for a photo with the sexy robot.”

Something like that anyhow.

Germany: "No Jewish flags"

Almog Cohen, an Israeli footballer playing for FC Ingolstadt 04, tweeted today that during a game in Berlin some of the fans waved an Israeli flag.  One of the security officers removed it, saying “no Jewish flags”.

Update: via BZ Berlin, h/t Jann Forell.  The flag was removed by a police officer.  According to FC Ingolstadt, they were told that because of the large Palestinian community, Berlin doesn’t want political statements in the arena.

The New Antisemite

150426 Exodus Fansign
  • Kyungsoo:Hello~
  • Fan:Hello (started tearing up)
  • Kyungsoo:Please don't cry
  • Fan:I really like the body wave dance
  • Kyungsoo:What?
  • Security:Please move~
  • cr:@dyororo_

Wave 1 of Fairy Tail Pairing shirts are here!

For Sale on Society 6!

I promised these a long time ago, and have just been getting around to designing them. I’ll be releasing 3 more designs next week, and again the following week too. Afterwards, I will gather votes on which pairings should be done next. I do hope everyone is as thrilled as I!

(These shirts are not made to promote shipping wars, but as a way to friendly support your favorite pairing.)


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This Day in 1D History - April 26



  • do you ever laugh so hard


  • Harry hangs out in Cali with Rod Stewart and fam, nbd (*insert clever Snow White/Rose Red commentary*)


  • Liam tells everyone to stfu
  • but tries to make up for it by continuing his trend of rude selfies
  • and waves oh-so-cutely to fans from the hotel balcony in Peru


Benedict Cumberbatch has arrived in Shanghai this morning.He waved his hand to fans and media. He will stay here until next Wednesday.