Hey everyone!

On June 22, 2014, I will be participating in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5k Run / Walk while raising funds for the organization WAVAW (women against violence against women). This is incredibly important to me as the money will go towards reaching out and giving support to women who have experienced sexual assault. It would be awesome if you guys would donate money! Even a dollar would be fantastic. If you can’t donate, please reblog this so that this can reach more people! I’m trying to reach my goal of $500!

THANK you,


All pledges will receive an official tax receipt.

A thing that I'm doing!

As some of you may know, I’ve been training with WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women, a sexual assault crisis centre) for the past few months to volunteer there. They are a fantastic organization of rad people doing really great support and anti-oppression work. If you want you can sponser me in this thing that I will be walking/walk-dancing in as a part of their team in June. Click here! Woo!