Can we please keep the "I Believe In Sherlock Holmes" campaign going until May/June?

That’s when Sherlock season 2 airs in Germany and America (don’t know if in other countries, too), and I’d really like to put up posters and the like, but no one would get it at the moment. So, if we keep it going until May, the campaign will reach more people.

Am I right?


Okay, a bunch of things.

And I’m totally just giving them away.

Yep, there are about 15 Watson’s Warriors bandanas (9 white, 6 yellow?) for whoever wants one.  So just message me your address and I’ll post it to you?  And… reblog to spread the word?
I had fun times making these; I may do more if there’s demand.
Moriarty was real!  Fight John Watson’s War!  Believe in Sherlock Holmes!

(ha ha, oh life: what have you done to me?)

I wonder how many people John Watson’s killed. I mean it had to be a decent amount for John to kill that cabbie and not give a damn afterwards, and just go get something to eat. Not tell anyone, not report it, just casually stand back and let them find the body and wait. It has to be a decent amount to have a hand that steady, an aim that good. 

I wonder how he feels about it.

I wonder if part of his nightmares include how many lives he’s taken. I wonder if he thinks about their families. How they must feel about it. I wonder if he had a religious crisis, whether he thinks he’s going to heaven or hell, if he’s religious at all after that. 

I wonder how many people Doctor John H. Watson, Captain of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers, has killed.

Oh look, more things I’m giving away!  Request one in time for Sherlock Holmes Week!

Just like the bandanas I made, these patches are free to a good home.  They’ll fit easily in a regular envelope, and I’m happy to post them anywhere.
Just message me your mailing address (and don’t forget your name: the postal service won’t deliver to tumblr names… I’ve tried).

(These patches were block printed on canvas; they’ve been hemmed and set, so they should stand up in the wash if you end up sewing them to something that needs laundering.)

Stand united, Watson’s Warriors!  Believe in Sherlock Holmes!