deep in the town.

i’m sitting here, drinking a coffee and lock into the faces from all the people passing by. its so interesting. there are sad faces, serious faces, happy oder lucky faces. and everyone is different. some are yound and fresh, some are old and have many crinkles. some have freckls. you can hear a emergency ambulance far away. a baby crying. the men next to me slurps his drink. i can smell doner kebab, fish and ships and icecream. delicious. its a wonderful day in town. just relax and enjoy it!

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The #Munich #Citysurfers at the #Eisbach #Isar #Sunny #Sunday #fun #waves #watshing ;)

What’s in my camera bag?

1)Rolleiflex 3.5F white face
2)Pentax 1°/21° meter
3)Some Shanghai GP3 roll film
4)Field Note Book
5)A pack of Camel
6)A lighter

The camera bag I am using is a Domke F5 (maybe not……can’t remember it)but it has a South Korean Marine Corps logo on it.

Also some people asked me about the quality of GP3,my answer is positive. I always watsh the film until the blue coating stuff was gone,then I pure the developer into the tray. In addition I always develop Shanghai GP3 in 25 °C or even 27 °C and it still fine. Don’t always search for others opinions,try it by yoursleves. ^_^

emotiif said:

♥♥ tucks this against ur side



〘 HIGH ✩ SPEED! 〙—

     — Haru-chan ! 

               Eagerly do digits curl onto the edges of plush blanket, tightening the embrace of the fleece fabric around his body as a glance of fandango hues is allowed, fixating upon the one who had brought out refreshments. Frivolous demeanor, as per usual, upon the placement of the plates on the table, pearly grin revealed as Nanase takes the seat on the floor beside him. Plastic DVD cases are placed upon the table as well, picking up the chopsticks given as the consumption of the noodles began while he attempts to speak as he eats.

     Whish moofee do ya wanna watsh ?  

Ahmadalfarse: whtshing sex
StratusZageSticky: huh? what about sex?
Ahmadalfarse: you like sex
StratusZageSticky: sure
Ahmadalfarse: where you play sex
StratusZageSticky: on top of a buliding
StratusZageSticky: where ever i can
Ahmadalfarse: goooood
StratusZageSticky: on the flood in the kitchen
Ahmadalfarse: any webseit you watshing
StratusZageSticky: yeah zoo845498
Ahmadalfarse: with ?
StratusZageSticky: my self
StratusZageSticky: and the neighbores dog
Ahmadalfarse: have you big pussy?
StratusZageSticky: no small
Ahmadalfarse: good
StratusZageSticky: like a little girls
StratusZageSticky: no hair
Ahmadalfarse: can yo send for me pic
StratusZageSticky: sure
Ahmadalfarse: send plz
Ahmadalfarse has left the chat