deep in the town.

i’m sitting here, drinking a coffee and lock into the faces from all the people passing by. its so interesting. there are sad faces, serious faces, happy oder lucky faces. and everyone is different. some are yound and fresh, some are old and have many crinkles. some have freckls. you can hear a emergency ambulance far away. a baby crying. the men next to me slurps his drink. i can smell doner kebab, fish and ships and icecream. delicious. its a wonderful day in town. just relax and enjoy it!


The #Munich #Citysurfers at the #Eisbach #Isar #Sunny #Sunday #fun #waves #watshing ;)


[text to: makoto] and you’re not shaking, there’s just an earthquake
[text to: makoto] also please don’t puke on someone
[text to: makoto] wait, no. puke on haru!
[text to: makoto] …and don’t get molested, mako



[text]: o tgeers none… rin you lisar (;*△*;)

[text]: my tummy huerts… (‘﹏*๑)

[text]: watsh moeoslted, rinrin?

skullqueenofcosplay asked:

*writes 'It's a Pirate's Life for Me' on Mangle's chest and writes 'Superstar' on Goldie's forearm*


MANGLE: Well you are not wrong off mademoiselle~!

GOLDIE: NGGG NGGHAHHH NNGSHHH NG! Look whatsh…ng! Look watsh I gots…I gonna go show bonbon.

if this is all bc of one insignificatn thing then im overreacting and Completely Fucked tbh

wh y didnt i go to work

watsh wrong w me

"Do you watch The Angry Video Game Nerd?" I ushed to watsh all of hish content every time he poshted! And then one day I found out that the nerd ish not real he’sh jusht a character, played by some guy named Jamesh and it’sh all fake! And who- I’m not gonna watsh it, I mean who wantsh to watch some guy pretend to be angry?
—  Francis gets meta