Never Changing || Callia

Callum sighed in frustration, slamming his laptop shut and running his hand through his hair. He loosened his tie a bit, standing and crossing over to the bar across from his desk. He poured himself a tumbler of scotch, taking a large gulp. It burned in a good way, warming his throat, and almost instantaneously, his nerves settled a bit. He moved over to his bathroom, slipping off his suit jacket and slipping off his tie. He took off his shirt, exposing his chest. He then leaned in, looking at himself in the mirror. His toned chest rose and fell, a bit more rapidly than usual. He looked down at his watch. 8:15. He had forty five minutes.

He swung open the cabinet below the sink, revealing a few essential emergency items. He pulled out the shaving cream and razor, setting them both on the counter. He lathered his face up, the blade swiping the white foam away from his face, taking the five o'clock shadow with it. He rinsed his face once he was finished, adding a little aftershave. He brushed his teeth and sprayed a bit of cologne, inhaling the scent to help calm his nerves more. He pulled a fresh shirt from the small cabinet across from the toilet and slipped it on, buttoning it up to the third button. He then slipped on his suit jacket, straightening it. He looked refreshed and rejuvenated, the ‘eleven-hour-behind-a-computer’ look gone from his face.

After taking one last tumbler of scotch, he headed out, locking up behind him. He walked down the street, heading towards a familiar after work spot. He and the boys started going for a drink after work a few weeks ago, and Callum liked the atmosphere. He settled at a table, one more secluded in the corner, away from the bustling crowd. He ordered himself a glass of beer, not wanting to get too carried away tonight. He wanted to be able to remember catching up with Sophia, and after his two glasses of scotch, beer was just what he wanted, and The Ginger Man had the best beer around. He sipped on the pint, his eyes occasionally scanning the bar for her familiar face.

Face to Face | Logan & Kimi

Kimi stood from the booth she had been sitting at. It was late, and while Kimi had still been working, trying to figure out this weird number issue she was getting, she hadn’t been expecting… him. Logan had appeared almost out of no where, standing outside her shop with his phone in his hand and saying, “I miss you.” She had missed him too, which was probably the worst thing she could have thought or even let occur to her. She was tried of this relationship, really, all the ups and down of it all. It really wasn’t their fault, with his job back at her old home of Woodbay, and her family and shop back in New York city. What was worse was that she really just wanted to rush out and there and wrap her arms around him to know he was really there, that no one was playing a trick on her.

She just wanted him.

Kimi pulled off her red apron and straightened out her white shirt that was covered in coffee stains from the day. Her shoes had been forgotten somewhere underneath the table, she was too overwhelmed to even think about them. She dropped her phone on the table and walked slowly to the door, coming to stand in front of the boy she’d called so many names and hadn’t gotten anything in return for it other then ‘I miss you’. She ran a hand through her curls and shook her head, trying not to let those tears that threatened to fall get to her, and asked, “W-What are you doing here, Logan?”

Text @ Sophia
  • Callum:Hey, update for Sarah.
  • Callum:We went to Alvaston, but there's no office space, and our old house isn't for sale.
  • Callum:We're headed into London, I think we're going to take a look at offices and apartments there.
The Sky Above Ablaze || Callum & Sophia

Sophia hadn’t seen Callum since they’d met that night at the bar. She’d been worried sick about him, literally. She couldn’t keep anything down at all. The lengths he was going to to torture himself disturbed her in a way that she hadn’t felt in a while…and it was all her fault. No matter what the reason was, she’d feel terrible but the fact that she’d had a hand in all of this made it so much worse for her. From the way he’d acted that night, she literally thought she’d never hear from him again. She’d been legitimately shocked when he’d said he wanted to see her.

She’d changed out of her dance clothes quickly freshening up before leaving the studio and telling the accomapnying pianist they could pick up where they’d left off in the morning. She drove quickly, absent-mindedly making her way through the streets until she pulled up in front of his office. She sat in the driver’s seat for a while, composing her thoughts in the silence of the car, the humming of the engine fading as she turned it off and took the key out of the ingnition. 

She locked the car behind her with the press of a button, waiting for the affirming clicking sound before walking through the entrance and into the building.

Sister Talks | Sophia & Kimi

Kimi glanced at her watch, tapping her foot in a steady rhythm. Holding a cup of coffee in both hands and watching Charlie try to replicate Sophia’s dance moves as Sophia practiced her routine in the studio. The fact that it was only just turning seven and her sister had been up for who knows how many hours beforehand made Kimi sigh. Her sister worked so hard, becoming so good, and still had to attend Charlie’s field trip with Kimi. The girls had been asked to go on Charlie’s trip for lack of adult supervision, which seemed ridiculous because what mother or father wouldn’t want to help out their twelve year old son or daughter? A person could take pictures, save memories, just like Kimi planned to do.

Charlie spun around like Sophia, almost tripping over her own feet, and looked up at Kimi sheepishly, laughing. Kimi smiled and chuckled at her, twirling her own index finger for another spin, which Charlie obliged too, and did so very shakily, but accomplished the challenge. Kimi clapped and laughed, while Charlie curtsied and laughed, then suddenly turned her smile into a frown as she looked for Sophia, looking like she was anxious about her sister. Kimi sighed and smiled as she approached Charlie, bending down into a crouch to become smaller then her and said, “It’s okay Charlie, she’s just about done.”


Callum & Rob’s New Flat / Sophia & Jaz’s Old Flat in London

(from top to bottom, left to right)

Living Room

Living Room continued


Kitchen continued

Callum’s Room

Callum’s Room continued

Callum’s Bathroom

Callum’s Bathroom continued

Rob’s Room

The Terrace