I’m so happy about Masrur. The poor thing is way younger than I thought he would be when they meet him tho.

Anyway, this is all I was waiting for. This is where the awesome trio is born. 

ALSO, Masrur is an authentic first sinja child omg, he is soo little now, I’m sure Sinbad and Ja’far are gonna raise him themselves. I love it, I want to see all of it.

I’m not a writer.
Just because I say things
in an oddly different way,
doesn’t mean I’m one.
Just because I say,
“You are the sun
that brightens up my day,”
doesn’t mean it’s not the same as,
“You make me happy.”
I’m just good at not saying
things straight-out, that’s all.

We Are The Hunted Apparel - Store Opens 2012.

Our blog is still under construction : banner will be up soon :)

By the time the new years rolls round we’ll hopefully have some fresh tshirts for you to spend your christmas money on ;) 

We’re currently looking into :

Unisex Tees
Girls Tubes
Long body tops and tubes
Lanyards and bags 

Designs are being finalized and printed ASAP and we’re taking a trip to the printing company soon :) 

Watch this space! 




anonymous asked:

ok you know there is perl leg (pearls head and a relativly detaild leg) then there is peridot head (with to stick legs o-o) soooo wath yeah think would be a good addition for the other like i could totaly imagine garnet as geodude and amethyst as somewath off a tribble(this star track fur balls) thougth no clue wath a redicules head thing would be apropiette for lapis or jasper thougth jasper would probly make the better tribble furball o-o

I see you on the Garnet as geodude idea

but as for amethyst…


I don’t know where that came from


disclaimer: no, I’m not taking requests. I’m just doodling in order to warm up.