Fueled by my inspiration, I ran across the room to steal the cup of coffee the bookshelf had taken prisoner. Lapping the black watery brew like a hyena, I tossed the empty cup aside. I then returned to the chair to continue my divine act of creation. Hot blood swished in my head as my mighty pen stole across the page.
—  Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

There are two types of crying regarding sadness:

1) Tears stream from your face, snot runs from your nose, and your eyes become puffy, swollen, and red. Through strong amounts of overwhelming emotions, you aren’t capable to finish a sentence or speak properly.

2) Your eyes become watery, but you tilt your head high in order for them to not fall. Your face has a blank expression [or with a fake smile plastered on your face], you minimize interactions with anyone such as hugging or talking, and you stare into empty space hoping those tears don’t fall.

So please, don’t say that Hyoyeon didn’t feel bad or care for Jessica’s departure from the group, and was happy she left. Hyoyeon always shows a strong exterior. Even when times were tough for her or SNSD through scandals or negative criticisms, she always had the same strong expression to maintain strength and stability for the other members as well as to decrease worry from them. If she started bawling in front of everyone, the other members would follow suit.

[“He’s hiding his emotions by smiling. People like him smile a lot. He’s evasive when people talk to him directly because it’s entering his heart”. (Teacher’s analysis of Jisoo).

"Why do I feel like he’s talking about me?", says Hyoyeon". - SNSD and the Dangerous Boys].

I always thought Hyoyeon was the hidden leader of SNSD; She’s the backbone of the group that keeps them afloat through tough times. Judging by how she acted at the fan event, you can definitely tell she wasn’t acting like her usual “choding” self and she was maintaining a somber or Hyoyeon-light attitude so the others could keep performing. Don’t think for one second she didn’t care for Jessica because she wasn’t reacting like some of the other members. This is how she expresses sadness.

[“But Hyoyeon, I think has, next to Seohyun, the purest heart in SNSD”. - Yoona].

[“I honestly learn a lot from unnie because she’s truly open-minded. No matter what’s said to her, she takes it well. I feel like I need to learn from her in that regard”. - Seohyun].

[“Hyoyeon is always like, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything will be fine’. She’s always very optimistic. She does that when something happens to me and even when things happen to her. (laughs) Anyways, since she’s such an optimistic person, I get sucked in and become optimistic too without even trying”. - Jessica].

People misunderstand Jessica for having a very cold “ice princess” personality, but she’s exactly the opposite; Hyoyeon has the same misunderstanding from people because of the public image of a “troublemaker”.

[“…If you knew Hyoyeon’s real personality, those rumors could never have come about…Hyoyeon is actually very nice and an atmosphere-maker with a great personality. She is also very close with her members like they are her family…Every time she’d be misunderstood, she’d be the type to say ‘I just have to do better, I just have to work harder, I just have to show a good image”.].

Hopefully, these quotes especially from Yoona, Seohyun, and Jessica help you change your attitude towards her and/or help you better understand the serious side to Hyoyeon. She may not show it on the outside, but she definitely is feeling it on the inside.

johntheslothblog said:

(For reed and its him being hung onto the wall.) Arkady had teleported to Reeds home as soon as the damage indicators on him went ballistic. He burst through the door and looked at reed. "Reed!" He rushed over to him and pulled the knives out and slowly laid him down.

The relief flooded him when Arkady burst in. He couldn’t say anything, his jaw completely broken and his tongue cut out and thrown on the floor. He trembled wildly, looking at him through watery eyes. The daggers had done plenty of damage.

I’m pretty emotional right now, mostly in a good way.  A grade school friend of mine has a daughter who was born a few years ago with a congenital heart defect and who has spent the last 185 days in the hospital, and almost as many days at the top of the heart transplant list.

Today, Bethany and her family found out that Layne would be receiving a heart this evening.  After so many near-death experiences and almost 5 months of living in a hospital, this beautiful little fighter is receiving the gift that she needs to live.  I spontaneously burst into tears when I found out, because Bethany and her family have been so strong and resilient in the face of some many obstacles.  Pretty much every time I go to TeamLayne’s Facebook page for an update, i become watery-eyed and have to fight to hold back the tears.

Of course, there is some sadness, too.  For Layne to receive this amazing gift, another family had to lose a child, a cherished member of their family.  It’s hard to reconcile being so happy for Layne to have another chance at life, knowing that such a sacrifice had to be made.  I only hope that the donor family is able to feel the love and gratitude that Bethany and her family have, and that they know that their child made such an amazing impact for people they’ve never even met.

Layne went into surgery about 20 minutes ago.  If you’ve read this far, and you’re the type to do this, please send whatever thoughts, prayers, good energy, or positive juju you’re willing to send, that Layne’s surgery and recovery is successful.  When you do this, please also take a moment to send the same to the donor family in their own time of need.



Yet cease your ire, you angry stars of heaven!
Wind, rain, and thunder, remember, earthly man
Is but a substance that must yield to you;
And I, as fits my nature, do obey you:
Alas, the sea hath cast me on the rocks,
Wash’d me from shore to shore, and left me breath
Nothing to think on but ensuing death:
Let it suffice the greatness of your powers
To have bereft a prince of all his fortunes;
And having thrown him from your watery grave,
Here to have death in peace is all he’ll crave.

advice: if you ever buy some boxed/canned soup and find that is tastes like water with some beans thrown in, squirt a ton of sriracha in there until you’re basically consuming watery, heated sriracha sauce. it’s 100x better than what you started with 

anonymous said:

your art is spectacular, seriously. i'm sure a bunch of us will be at your hand's funeral to revive it and send it off on a therapeutic retreat while we admire all the hard work you did :)

thank you anon ;-; like usually I just post my art once and I’m like ”ok whatever enjoy!” but I literally bust my ass on this cassandra one to the point of getting watery eyed when I finally finished inking it LOL I wish I was kidding.