Had a super gorgeous water taxi ride after a wedding job at the Brooklyn museum yesterday. Then headed to the 32nd street for a yummy Korean dinner with friends afterwards. What a fun! #brooklyn #waterfront #eastriver #eastriverferry #ferry #newyork


Okay as some of you may have seen, on  Saturday I went to my first ball!! My friend Brooke was nice enough to take some pre-ball pictures of the bf and I (and all the older ladies kept smiling at us, thinking we were just married!). From there, we went on to Shed 10, an old storage shed at the Auckland waterfront that’s converted into a convention centre, and headed into the ball! Not only was there an open bar (!!) but there was a buffet dinner, and more importantly, a sundae station ;) We grabbed a table and met up with our friends, downed a couple of glasses of wine and headed straight to the dance floor :D My feet still hurt from dancing all night (to the awesome band) in high heels, but it was definitely worth it! We all got a little drunk and danced our arses off, my friend knew heaps of people there so we soon had a whole circle of us dancing together, which was awesome. I honestly had the best night, ad there will be more photos to come as they are uploaded to facebook :)

*First four photos are courtesy of Brooke Waterson Photography

anonymous asked:

All your favorite movies + series? Bonus round: name all your favorite music

favorite movies: 12 angry men, on the waterfront, snatch, se7en, children of men, the godfather, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, full metal jacket, taxi driver, fargo and the truman show

favorite series: breaking bad, better call saul, broadchurch, law and order svu, american horror story, band of brothers, the sopranos,  boardwalk empire, sons of anarchy, mad men, the thick of it, game of thrones, the shield, twin peaks, pushing daisies, arrested development, fargo, true detective, archer, broad city, it’s always sunny in philadelphia and of course garth marenghi’s darkplace

I’m not really passionate about music I just listen to random stuff that looks good but I really like stuff like stromae, the prodigy, imagine dragons, frank sinatra, tony bennett, die antwoord, hugh dillon, the baseballs, muse, the offspring, the heavy, mgmt and woodkid my playlists are a mess of different things

Last evening for dinner we picked up take-out fried clams and fried haddock and went down to the waterfront to eat it. Then we went for a slow drive to enjoy houses that we will never be able to afford. Came home and read until real late–it must have been almost ten o'clock when we finally went to sleep.

This morning I made breakfast for everybody: sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, pancakes. Also offered eggs any style, but there didn’t seem to be a need.

J wants to go to the flea market this morning. Then I’ll bake some cookies and bake the bread I started last night to go with the steak and corn I’m grilling for dinner.

Ah, this domesticated cottage life!


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