Another pic of my dog. She was such a good model for me, she loved going out on photoshoots with me. We’d tramp around the woods or the waterfront and she’d wait patiently while I set up landscape shots. As long as I made sure to turn the camera on her sometimes because she loved having her photo taken.


Inside Super Luxe Master Bedroom Suites

A slideshow of high-end homes and condos with ultra luxurious—and large—master suites.



We will not have another Brando. Ever. We got terrifically lucky in having the one Brando, when we had him. Everything requires luck, and a talent only thrives if it arrives at the right time and is met with the right requirements: Brando had both the timing and the people to test his gifts, and he overwhelmed and rose above both. The arrival of Marlon Brando was a theatrically historic moment, and his era was phenomenal. There should be celebrations, commemorations, stamps, buildings, whatever. If we lived in a country, in a time, that gave a shit for the arts and the role they play in reflecting and shaping our lives, this would happen. Those who care must remember and tell the tales. 

                                                              Elia Kazan { x }