Havasu Falls pretty much achieves the impossible. It almost trumps the Grand Canyon — at least in terms of sheer, gob-smacking beauty. Granted, not much can match the vast grandeur of that wide canyon carved by the Colorado River. But where the Grand exceeds in inspiring immeasurable awe, Havasu Falls feels almost personal. And while far from secret — its iconic waterfalls have populated countless full-page magazine spreads and downloadable screensavers — the region still feels like it belongs to you.


Under the Falls

You won’t believe that a mere 20-minutes from the Lyell Highway, in South Tasmania lies a vibrant escape into lush green forest known as the Mt Field National Park. Take an easy stroll amongst the dense temperate rainforest unique to Tasmania to reach the cascading Russell Falls. 

The canopy above consists of dogwood, musk, myrtle and spectacular towering swamp gums; the tallest flowering plant in the world.

Recently, photographer William Patino buddied up with local Francois Fourie to explore the south east corner of Tasmania. Before they set off on the trip Francois said, “I am most excited about taking Will to Mt Field National Park. I have been here many, many times, and feel like I know all the good-looking trees and rocks. I also think he will really enjoy photographing there.”

Disaster struck during the photographer’s journey when Francois’ memory card failed, erasing all shots from the day. 

William said, “I can’t imagine how bummed I’d be if that happened to me but he has kept on being cool as a cucumber and making my trip much more enjoyable. Legend.”

Learn more about their adventures on Instagram now: William Patino & Francois Fourie

Go Behind The Scenery here.

Photo Credit: top to William Patino & bottom to Francois Fourie.


Jawbone Flats | Trail the Sun

This little town was so cute and rustic. With a few cabins, abandoned cars and mining equipment everywhere, it defiantly had an awesome vibe.

The town is dedicated to youth outdoor and art activities. Which is so refreshing to see. Here kids can learn how to backpack, survive in the wild and become photographers! 

From here it is just a short walk through the town and a short walk to the Opal pool.

Follow along for the Opal Pool and the hike out.


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