Portraits taken in the Omo River Valley, Ethiopia.  

The Lower Valley of the Omo is unlike any other place on Earth in that so many different types of people have inhabited such a small area of land over many millennia. It is believed that it was the crossroads of a wide assortment of cultures where early humans of many different ethnicities passed as they migrated to and from lands in every direction.


Elly Smallwood

Originally from Ottawa, I moved to Toronto to complete my Bachelor of Fine Art at OCAD University. I now live and work in Toronto. My paintings are intensely personal, a visual examination of my mind and body, and those of the people around me. I am fascinated by the power of the body to both entice and repulse us. My paintings focus on the parts of the body that fascinate me most; primarily the face. My portraits utilize stark colours and raw brush strokes as delicate figures become unnerving and colours are smeared across flesh. These bodies attempt to give physical form to the images in my head; they are a rough, visceral representation of how I view humanity.


Dear Followers, 

Here are a few pictures of our exhibition in Brussels.

We are so happy with how it turned out, the opening, the feedback, the sales, everything and we wanted to share it with you :)

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ps : some of the pictures of the opening day are from Laurent Blaise