i wanted to draw special attention to the top photo titled: 
a cologne called “guilty black” | photo by a man who sees how culture enforces the idea of inherent black criminality but will probably continue to wear this cologne. 

—pause for reflection—

i’m loving discovering what can be done with this framework. i like having tight structures to work with because it forces me to stretch to keep my interest and since all these other decisions have already been made: cell phone photo, square composition, me balancing something on my head, 3/4 left profile, valencia instagram filter, each titled with the object balanced & identification of photo-taker, i just have to follow the rules. that frees me to focus on other choices & i like that. it’s somewhat a continuation of what i was exploring in the images of my friends | GRACE & LAW series.

one of my favorite parts so far about this series is that these photos are so damn mundane. i love that. there’s no pressure or expectation of phenomenal photography or exposure or emoting or good-lookingness on my part - anyone could take or pose for photos like this. sometimes i feel very insecure when i see great photography & artistry, but there’s something comforting, un-threatening about mundane and i’m interested in that. i’m so interested i don’t really care if other people are interested and that’s a pleasant departure from the way i’ve desired approval of my work in the past.

i’m also loving having all these other minds & eyes & hands involved. it’s almost like i’m commissioning & curating the work instead of just making it. so far when i ask others to take the photos i’ve been pretty strict in directing them how to compose & what not, but i want to start letting go more and allowing the commissioned cell-phone-ographers to make the portraits how they see them. not sure where or how far that will go, but i’m excited about it. 

i’ll be exploring this for a while and you can follow the process at valencia_crowns on instagram.