watercolor tattoo


Extremely fresh and swollen but hey I got my first tattoo! It’s a matching one with my sister cladonlyin-bubblewrap inspired by mydrunkkitchen of course. This phrase has been really influential and really the token phrase of this period of development in our lives and I’m just so glad we got to this place and were able to commemorate it in a way that is special and beautiful to us. I’m so excited about these you’ll probably see an updated picture sometime soon.

“It’s not the petty imperfections that define us,
but the way we hold our hearts..”

I just got my first tattoo and I just love how it came out. I chose to get La Dispute’s logo because of how much their music helped me and inspired me for the past 3 years. There’s just so much love behind this… :)

Rodrigo Tas Tattoo | São Paulo Brazil - “Jellyballoon” 

tumblr: tastattoo

Watercolor tattoo art! Sarah_Lee_Stern 

Painting inspired by this post X