“I am strong…”

I was angry at TWD writers(again) the other day and I wanted to draw a badass Beth quite pissed at her meaningless destiny… Since I don’t have much time for drawing/painting lately, I had to settle for just the head, and made a quick watercolor painting. But you can imagine her, holding a knife in one hand and a walker head in the other one that she grabbed by the hair, standing strong on the grave meant for her; that was the actual design in my head…

Meet You At The Finish Line!

Finished large watercolor commission for RalenFox!  Ralen and his little rodent buddy, Tofu, engage in a high spirited race.  Despite his little legs, looks like Tofu is holding first, good job little guy!  I LOVED painting this one, I used a lot of newer watercolor skills I’ve picked up over the last few months to complete it.  Liquid frisket to mask off the characters so the background washes could be isolated.  Salt in wet washes to create nice textures, though I later had to paint over most of it to get the darker blues along the edges.  New paints with better pigment load, and even more gouache too!

8” X 11” prints of this piece are available for $15 each, email me if interested! wolfnymph at gmail dot com

Done on 8.5” X 11” 300lb coldpress Fabriono paper, in watercolor and gouache