With a little research, it turned the best waterpark in Asia was just down the road from where we were staying. It would have been rude not to go! We had such a hilarious day, racing down different slides, cruising in rubber rings and drinking in the sun. We spotted a few too many Aussie teenagers with braided hair, but I guess everyone needs to make dodgy holiday attire decisions at some stage in their life…and it turns out only Billabong or Quiksilver board shorts exist in this particular part of the world.

Anyhow, we waited until the end of the day to do the aptly named “Climax” ride. It was a sheer drop that went into a loop-d-loop. To go on the ride you had to get into this plastic enclosure, standing on this platform that falls away after the dramatic countdown. The queue obviously didn’t help my nerves and by the time it was my turn, I was absolutely terrified. Shaking, I got in, with Jamie watching with a grin. He thought this was hilarious. Before I knew it a scream was escaping from me as my stomach lurched from the drop and the flip, followed by a watery crash out the other end. I did it! Disorientated and with water up my nose, I got out with the utmost poise and elegance (whilst janking my bikini back into place), then turned to watch Jamie get ready to go. Into the booth he went. And I’m counting to three, five, ten… but he’s still there. Why hasn’t he gone? I’m gesturing “what’s going on?” to him and he’s shrugging his shoulders back at me. About a minute goes by and I’m starting to worry that he’s trapped in there and it’s broken. Suddenly without warning, he drops and disappears! I was very relieved when he reappeared with a huge splash. I thought maybe the guy operating it and Jamie had been purposely winding me up with the massive delay. But no, there genuinely was an issue with it. All I could think was, thank goodness that didn’t happen to me. I would probably have freaked out and got out. Ah well, it all worked out. Later on, we saw a girl not make it round the loop-d-loop, so she slid backwards and to be rescued from a little hatch. At least THAT didn’t happen to me.

Waterbom Park

The height of fun and relaxation awaits you at Waterbom Park in Bali. The various rides at the park include Race Track, Pipeline, Boomerang and much more. Additionally the park features a swim-up bar and dining outlets offering visitors a much needed respite. Bali’s one stop leisure destination, Waterbom Park is a top family attraction in the region and can be easily accessed from a hotel such as The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali.