water you saying

- j-just don’t let me go, okay?

- Nico, we’re not so deep, I’m even touching the ground.

- But swear by the river Styx that you won’t let me drown.

- If you drown with a son of Poseidon nearby you’re the unluckiest person in the world.

it’s been some time that I wanted to draw Percy teaching Nico how to swim…. so yep


Doctor Your Valeyard is Showing | Dark Doctor in New Who

↳ The Waters of Mars


anon requested; Since the strap thingies on Konoha’s pants look a lot like suspenders, could you please draw Konoha wearing them as suspenders, if it’s not too much trouble?

when i got this request i couldn’t help but combine it with this post. *//7//* may konoha motivate you to get back to work. now go do your homework.

MC: I feel like watching the 'Hello Counselor' program of KBS. All of Changmin's problems are related to food, beverage. Before we push the 'This is serious' button, are you able to get the problem solved? / x

MERICCUP AU GIFS :: Hiccup sees Merida for the first time. (In a weird AU in which Hiccup is sent by the Vikings to spy on the enemy. Probably because he looks the least Viking-like… Sorry, Hic.)

"Wow… She’s… really pretty.”

"Stop drooling, Hiccup. You’re supposed to spy on her. Not fall in love with her."