Soooo I kinda wanted to see how big round and tight I could get so i did a hugee stuffing and then bloated with water after. I put up a video of me drinking the water and playing with my sloshy belly. The username is bellylover112. I was moaning and groaning so much 😝 If you are a gal and wanna chat or feed me send me your kik or skype or watev :3
thanks for all the support everyone! i guess nothings really keeping me back from growing 😝😝


If you’ve ridden a roller coaster or water slide at an amusement park in the last 20 years or so, you’ve probably had a photo taken during the ride that you laughed/cringed at afterwards and then had the option to purchase as a memento. What the parks have been doing to simply generate additional income has become a spectacularly silly hobby for some creative patrons. People go to impressive lengths, including smuggling in props and rehearsing beforehand, simply to stage amusing scenes they knew would be captured on camera. Mental_Floss recently assembled an amazing collection of some of the best of these wonderfully silly photos. Here are two of our favorites:

In the top photo we see Redditor DannyCabes and his brother using one of our Horse Head Masks to great effect on the Log Flume ride at Rainbow’s End theme park in Manukau Central, Auckland, New Zealand. (The only thing missing is a pair of Horse Hooves)

For the second photo Redditor mynameiszachary went to Disneyland with his sister and cousin where they staged a fancy dinner on Splash Mountain, complete with one of our Inflatable Turkeys on a silver platter. Although they initially encountered some problems with Disney security and their props, park staff were so impressed with their photo that they gave them a free framed print. Click here for the full story.

Visit Mental_Floss to view the entire collection of roller coaster and water slide photo shenanigans.

“Oh my god, Sera, could you take any longer in there?!” Suki whined through the door. “You’d better not waste all the hot water!”

Sera always took long showers but today had gotten out of hand; she’d been hogging the bathroom for hours. “That’s it, I’m coming in there!” she shouted, hoping Sera could hear her over the running water. “I mean it!” There was no response but the continuous roar of the shower. “Three… two… one…” She paused, straining to hear anything from her friend. “Fine, have it your way!”

Steam was billowing out from the crack of the door and Suki fumbled with the obscured lock, finally twisting it open with her fingernail. A flickering thought in the back of her mind wondered whether she would still be so upset about Sera hogging the bathroom once she saw her friend standing in it, her naked body glimmering the soft light, beads of water running down her supple… NOPE, no, no this was about manners.

A cloud of steam was sucked through the door , flooding the hall with warm air – the bathroom felt like a sauna. The shower was still running but now Suki could hear something else, a soft squeaking noise like wet rubber might make. Something massive was wobbling back and forth on the other side of the room. Suki took a step forward and squinted through the steam, trying to make out what looked like… an enormous pair of tits? A spray of water like a fire hose struck her in the face, knocking her onto her ass.

Thoroughly drenched, she wiped the water out of her eyes and looked up at what had sprayed her. For a moment she thought she must be hallucinating. A massively round, beet-red belly loomed in front of her. Water was dribbling out of the bellybutton. Sure, why not. Suki pushed herself to her feet and suddenly everything made as much sense as it was ever going to. It was Sera and she was a giant water balloon.

Her friend’s entire body was bloated beyond reason. A corset was strung around her waist, holding strong apparently, and forcing every other part of her body, from her fingertips to her pinky toes, to at least triple in girth. Toes the size of golf balls wiggled through holes in her torn stockings. A spray of steaming water, calmed since it had taken Suki down, still poured from her erect nipples. Even as her body attempted to relieve the pressure, it was apparent that she was still growing. Her already ruined tights were quickly shredding to bits and it looked like ever her head was growing rounder.

Suki watched, dumbstruck, as Sera rocked back and forth on her gut, her body squeaking as it rubbed against tile, desperately trying to reach the faucet. Even if the tub weren’t blocking her, Suki doubted Sera could manipulate anything with her increasingly rounded hands. Her eyes traced a hose – the apparent source of her friend’s predicament, from the shower, along the floor, and straight up Sera’s backside.

“Heh…heheh….hehehhehehehhehhehheehhhe…” Suki giggle uncontrollably. She could feel her face burning she was blushing so hard. “You doofus! What’d you do to yourself?!” she managed to gasp out between fits of nervous, hysterical laughter. Sera pointed at the shower and wobbled back and forth. She mumbled something urgent sounding through swollen cheeks but could barely manage to part her overstuffed lips. Fighting back a number of overwhelming desires, Suki stepped toward the shower to help her friend.

As she reached for the faucet, she noticed that the temperature gauge was cranked barely halfway. As much steam as there was, Sera’s body must really be heating that up water. That was probably filling her up even more than the water. Suki rubbed her hand on her butt where she’d fallen and thought again about how Sera had been hogging the bathroom all day… so that she could get herself off… by inflating herself into some kind of a human balloon… without telling Suki… and now that she’d gone and overinflated herself, like… a big… fat… balloon… well, she was at Suki’s mercy.


Suki stepped back and shut the bathroom door before taking a seat on the toilet. What expression Sera could still manage screamed of desperation. She flailed her arms up and down, trying to motion toward the shower, as though Suki was somehow unaware of her dilemma. “Yeah, no, it’s still on, I get it,” Suki said. She ran her hand along the toilet handle.  “I’m still a little miffed, though, about you hogging the bathroom, and the way I see it, well… why let all the hot water go to waste?”

She could just hear Sera’s corset begin to creak over the sound of the flushing toilet.

(wip) I wanted to draw a sloshy water balloon raptor so I used

This isn’t done yet but whenever I get something looking anything near this good I start to wonder why people don’t commission me and stuff, when I charge 5$ for better than even that quality. 

I’m just thinking it’s probably because I don’t have an advertisement submission or something. *shrug*