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Some time ago I had the idea to create a new tumblr all about loving yourself, reblogging selfies and waiting for people to submit. But it was hard to me to start all over again to gain followers. Now, I activated the option “Submit” and I try to keep my blog with a positive message. Feel free to share your own pictures, don’t forget you’re beautiful.

DIY Glaciers

“Chewang Norphel is no ordinary villager. He makes glaciers.

Norphel takes a barren, high-altitude desert and turns it into a field of ice that supplies perfectly timed irrigation juice to some of the world’s poorest farmers. So far, he has built ten artificial glaciers since retiring as a government engineer in 1995, and their waters sustain some 10,000 people. It’s hard to describe what an extraordinary feat this is. In one of the most climate change–ravaged regions, Norphel has effectively conjured up water, doubling agriculture yields as assuredly as if he’d swooped in wearing a cape and stopped global warming in its tracks.”

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