I’m sitting here staring at my computer with this perplexed look on my face right now. I think I just got hit by a rock in the head or something. I think I got bit by the love bug. I must have eaten something or man I don’t know. I like people I don’t love people but I think I’m in love. I don’t like love, because its scary. What if it runs out or they don’t like you anymore, its easier to recover from like than love. Man I’m so insecure. Another stupid insecure girl. Girls are dumb. I wish I was a lovely robot instead. I don’t make sense do I…
In conclusion I think I’m super in love. Which is like being high or something. So weird. I’ve never been in love before, it feels a little like the first time I drank but with butterflies instead of tummy aches. GRRRRRRR >:0 stupid love lol