Drawing tablet~

I finally got my drawing tablet ordered~
It should be here on Monday, so, get ready for drawing spam!
Oh, and also, the one I bought was from Amazon and you should be able to find the one I got by searching “watcom drawing tablet”. I got mine for $69.99 so… Yeah. I don’t have the link cause I’m on my phone right now, but when it comes in the mail, I’ll post the info about it!
Bai guys!
(I haven’t posted my ootd from the wedding yet because I haven’t been using my laptop [cause I’m still sick])

anonymous said:


I sleep on my side

I don’t remember her name but she was really nice in primary school, she said I wouldn’t catch the boat like everyone else but I’d jump on the ferry behind it.

My watcom tablets is not working right now so I can’t give handwriting sample right now really sorry about that.

13 I think the first three minutes of Up, I really not a fan off this movie and I know there’s this unspoken rule that your not meant to dislike or hate Pixar movies, but that one for me in just not a favourite.

18 Having Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent read to me, I love that book and its still on my shelf, I like that it throws the idea of a monster as a villain out of the window and turns the concept on its head.

41 I think when I cheered myself by buying a Xena item on-line recently.

43 Hi there.

44 Have not been obsessed with any band for a while sadly, the music just hasn’t moved me emotionally.

49 When I’m sad I just go and play games like left4dead, Tomb Raider because I find blowing the crap out of zombies or shooting bad guys in the head for a hour and half makes me feel better….