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                                                  Ice dance


Kowloon Walled City.

"At one time, one of the most densely populated areas on Earth, Kowloon, was a walled city within Hong Kong. It was unregulated by the then-ruling British authorities, who reluctantly allowed it as the only Chinese settlement. It was a no man’s land because of this; run by the Chinese mafia and filled with brothels, sweat shops, illegal hospitals, and trashy eateries.”

Originally, Kowloon was built as a watchpost for guards who would protect the area from pirates. But as the population grew–from 10,000 in 1971 to a staggering 50,000 in 1990–attempts were made by the government to evict the squatters living in the city. In 1992, the governent succeded in evicting the population and, in 1993, the 15 story tall block of buildings was torn down. Today, a park with tennis courts covers the area.

Read more @ Visualnews & La Boîte Verte

Kowloon Cross Section - High Res. picture.

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                                        The Carmen Watchpost



                                             Ice Dance


This, of course, is not a full list of programs to Carmen, just what I was able to remember and find on youtube. Who is your favorite Carmen? What’s your favorite program to this music? Also, are you interested in this kind of watchposts?

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                               Qing Pang and Jian Tong Watchpost

1998/1999: SP (Dance Espanol)

1999/2000SP (Tres minutos con la realidad) LP (The red poppy)

2001/2002: SP (Illumination)   LP (Rach #2)

2002/2003SP (Illumination)   LP (Rach #2)

2003/2004SP (Illumination) LP (Variations on a theme of Paganini)

2004/2005: SP (All I ask of you from POTO) LP (Butterfly lovers)

2005/2006: SP (Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini) LP (POTO)

2006/2007SP (O Doux Printemps d’Autrefois) LP (POTO)

2007/2008SP (O Doux Printemps d’Autrefois) LP (Romeo and Juliet)

2008/2009: SP (Midnight Blues) LP (Tango selecton)

2009/2010SP (The Pearlfishers) LP (The Impossible dream)

2010/2011: SP1 (Nocturne in C Sharp minor)  SP2 (The Pearlfishers) LP (Liebestraum)

2011/2012: SP (Nocturne in C Sharp minor)  LP (Sheherazade)

2012/2013: SP (Scott and Fran’s Paso Doble) LP (Enigma)

2013/2014: SP (Lady Caliph)  LP (Les Miserables)


Bonus: I thought that an Olympic medal was my dream. But today, my dream is to skate with you forever.

Qing and Jian were at top-5 at 3 Olympic Games and at top-5 and 12, count ‘em 12 times at top-5 at World Championships, since 2002 till 2013. Don’t be lazy and watch these guys. They are amazing, you won’t be disappointed.

                                Carolina Kostner Watchpost

2001/2002: Jr Worlds LP

2002/2003: SP (Canon in D)  LP (Papa, can you hear me?/ Schindler’s list/ Far and away)

2003/2004: SP (Song from a Secret Garden) LP (Vanessa Mae selection)

2004/2005SP (Country) LP (Prokofiev Piano Concerto # 1 & #3)

2005/2006: SP (Gabriel’s oboe) LP (Four Seasons: Winter)

2006/2007SP (Canon in D)  LP (Memoirs of a geisha)

2007/2008SP (Riders on the storm)  LP (Dumsky Trio)

2008/2009SP (Muher Sola/Canaro en Paris)  LP1 (Black Swan pas de deux) LP2 (Dumsky trio)

2009/2010: SP (Chopin, Tchaikovsky) LP (Bach, Vivaldi)

2010/2011SP (Galicia Flamenco) LP (Prelude of the afternoon of a faun)

2011/2012SP  (Allegretto by Shostacovich) LP (Piano Concerto #23 by Mozart)

2012/2013: SP (A Transylvanian Lullaby/Devil’s Trill)  LP (Bolero)

2013/2014: SP1 (Humoresque)  LP1 (Scheherazade) SP2 (Ave Maria) LP2 (Bolero)


                                     Sasha Cohen Watchpost

A 9 y.o. Sasha

1997/1998: LP (Samson and Delilah)

1998/1999: SP (Rach #2)

1999/2000: SP (Baroque selections)  LP (Violin concerto by Mendelssohn)

2000/2001: SP (My sweet and tender beast) LP (Dark eyes)

2001/2002: SP (My sweet and tender beast) LP (Carmen)

2002/2003SP (Malaguena) LP (Rach #2)

2003/2004: SP (Malaguena) LP (Swan Lake)

2004/2005: SP (Dark Eyes) LP (The Nutcracker)

2005/2006: SP (Dark Eyes) LP (Romeo and Juliet)

2009/2010: SP (Espana Cani) LP (Moonlight Sonata) (the exhibition version because I get upset when I watch her US Nats performance)


                             Romeo and Juliet Watchpost




                                                Ice Dance

                                     Yu-Na Kim Watch Post

2003/2004SP (Snow storm)  LP (Carmen)

2004/2005SP (Snow storm) LP (Papa, can you hear me?)

2005/2006SP (El Tango de Roxanne) LP (Papa, can you hear me?)

2006/2007SP (El Tango de Roxanne) LP (The Lark Ascending)

2007/2008SP (Die Fledermaus) LP (Miss Saigon)

2008/2009SP (Danse Macabre) LP (Scheherazade)

2009/2010SP (James Bond Medley) LP (Gershwin Concerto in F)

2010/2011SP (Giselle) LP (Homage to Korea)

2012/2013SP (Kiss of the vampire) LP (Les Miserables)

2013/2014SP (Send in the clowns) LP (Adios Nonino)

Some of her exhibitionsReflection  Just a girl  Meditation de Thais  Bulletproof  Hero (with Michelle Kwan)  Nessun Dorma

                                     Evgeni Plushenko Watchpost

1995/1996: LP (Don Quixote)

1996/1997: SP (Tarantella) LP (Wilhelm Tell)

1997/1998: SP (Paso Doble)  LP (Jean Michel Jarre Medley)

1998/1999: SP (Hava Nagila)  LP (Jean Michel Jarre Medley)

1999/2000: SP (Sabre Dance) LP (Gypsy Medley)

2000/2001: SP (Bolero) LP (various, inc. Once upon a time in America)

2001/2002: SP (Michael Jackson Medley) LP1 (various, inc. Tango de Roxanne)  LP2 (Carmen)

2002/2003: SP (Adagio by Albinoni) LP (Criminal St.Petersburg)

2003/2004: SP (Tango Flamenco, Nyah) LP (Tribute to Nijinski)

2004/2005: SP (Moonlight Sonata) LP (The Godfather)

2005/2006: SP (Tosca) LP (The Godfather)

2009/2010: SP (Aranjuez) LP (Tango Amore)

2011/2012: SP (Storm)   LP (El Tango de Roxanne)

2012/2013: SP (Storm)  LP (Rondo Capriccioso/The Swan/Danse Marabre)

2013/2014: SP (El Tango de Roxanne) LP (The best of Plushenko)



Eurovision 2008 performance with Dima Bilan

Requested by plushyiskingofice

(also I wanted to let you all know I updated my Mao watchpost)

                                        Mao Asada watchpost

10 y.o. Mao @ 2000 Novice Japanese Nationals

2002/2003: LP (Inca Dance and Andes)

2003/2004: SP (Orchestral Suite)  LP (Waltz-Scherzo in C major Op. 34)

2004/2005: SP (Over the rainbow)  LP(La Boutique Fantastique)

2005/2006SP (Carmen)  LP (The Nutcracker)

2006/2007SP (Nocturne by Chopin)  LP (Csardas)

2007/2008SP (Ladies in Lavender) LP (Fantaisie Impromptu)

2008/2009SP (Claire de Lune)  LP (Waltz from Masquerade Suite)

2009/2010SP (Waltz from Masquerade Suite)  LP (Bells of Moscow)

2010/2011SP (Tango)  LP (Liebestraume)

2011/2012SP (Sheherazade) LP (Liebestraume)

2012/2013SP (I got rhythm)  LP (Swan Lake)

2013/2014SP (Nocturne by Chopin) LP (Rach #2)


                                    Kurt Browning Watchpost

1984/1985LP (really bad quality but it’s probably the first competition video of him available)

1986/1987SP (Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood)  

1987/1988SP (Tequila)  LP (Grand Canyon Suite) - this is it, this is the first quadruple jump performed and credited in comeptitons

1988/1989SP (Cotton Club)  LP (Gaiette Parisienne/Le Cid/Cancan)

1989/1990SP (Lone Bank Blues/ Toast Of The Town/ Speedway)  LP (Gaiette Parisienne/Le Cid/Cancan)

1990/1991SP (Hindu war god)  LP (Sons of Italy)

1991/1992SP (Hindu war god)  LP (Firebird)

1992/1993SP (Bonzo’s Montreux)  LP (Casablanca) (it’s been 20 years and it’s still one of the best men’s LPs ever skated)

1993/1994SP (St. Louis Blules)  LP (Casablanca)

Pro years and exhibitions:

P.S. I put my heart and soul into this post:)

                                    The Paso Doble Post

Short dance for the upcoming season is a paso doble so I decided to gather some compulsories/original dances from the past to get us into spirit. Let’s start with the gods.

*OSP is original set pattern, that’s how the original dance used to be called.

Paso Doble was one of the compulsories in season 1991/1992

In 1995/1996 paso doble was the theme of the original dance so I brought the whole top-10 from the Worlds’96.

The rest of the top-10: Romanova and YaroshenkoLobacheva and AverbukhPunsalan and SwallowMrázová and ŠimečekDrobiazko and VanagasFusar-Poli and Margaglio

In 2001/2002, the original dance was “Latin rhythms combination” and paso doble was one of the options along with tango and flamenco. I chose some paso-involved dances:

And the last time to date paso doble appeared as the CD at the 2009 Worlds.

And the rest of the top-10: Khokhlova and NovitskiKerr and KerrFaiella and ScaliCarron and JostCappellini and Lanotte + Delobel and Schoenfelder who didn’t participate in the Worlds but had the best dance, imo.



When I asked for suggestions samexmistakes said I should post something on promising up and coming ice dance teams. My level of knoweledge of juniors is pretty low, a few years ago one of you corrected me when I didn’t recognize Adelina Sotnikova on the photo:) But I’ll do my best. Warning: this post is long:) But despite it’s long, mind that I spent a lot of time writing it so go read it:)

Read More

                    US Ladies Olympic Champions Watchpost

                     Tenley Albright, 1956 Olympic Champion

            5-time US National Champion, 2-time World Champion

                     Carol Heiss, 1960 Olympic Champion

             4-time US National Champion, 5-time World Champion

                     Peggy Fleming, 1968 Olympic Champion

             5-time US National Champion, 3-time World Champion

                Dorothy Hamill, 1976 Olympic Champion

         3-time US National Champion, 1976 World Champion

              Kristi Yamaguchi, 1992 Olympic Champion

   2-time World Champion, 1992 US National Champion in Singles,                       2-time US National Champion in Pairs (with Rudy Galindo)



                     Tara Lipinski, 1998 Olympic Champion

    1997 US National Champion, 1997 World Champion, 2-time  Champions Series Final Champion (and she was still 15 when she won  the Olympics)

                      Sarah Hughes, 2002 Olympic Champion

 Sarah’s biggest win apart from the Olympics was gold at Skate Canada’2001 but she won multiple medals at international competitions