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Check out T. Mills showing love to yours truly, WatchMyEgo.

We’re about to hit our 13,000th post this week and we wanted to take a minute to thank the fans and Egoists and 2,000 Tumblr followers for reading and checking through everyday.

If you guys weren’t depending on us everyday for the newest tracks, this job would be a lot harder. We do it to spread the gift of music to the masses.

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J. Cole gets philanthropic for WatchMyEgo’s 9,500th post of all time.

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We posted our 9,000th post on WatchMyEgo this morning and to thank you all for the support we wanted to celebrate with a few words from the hottest new artist to land on the USA, Tinie Tempah.

It’s pretty simple, WatchMyEgo.

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Big Sean performed in NYC last month as a part of the Grey Goose Rising Icons series.

Footage up top and on our YouTube channel.

Don’t usually do this but extreme news deserves extreme measures…

Justin Bieber will have a very special guest on his upcoming album release on November 1st. The album is a Christmas album. The special guest is none other than BUSTA RHYMES.

Yes, you heard that right. Busta Rhymes x Justin Bieber x Christmas. Wow.

—  WatchMyEgo Editor-in-Chief
Submit to WatchMyEgo

We get a boatload of emails sent to WatchMyEgo and submitted to us through Tumblr’s submission feature everyday.

The problem is, it’s not formatted the right way for us to efficiently post them all up here.

If you’re an artist or a big fan trying to spread the word, follow our format so that we can post all of them up. We won’t discriminate, we’ll post every single submission as long as it’s formatted the right way.

Here’s what you have to do:

Text submission:

Title: New Music :: ________

Post: (write about the track and the artist. please don’t make it sound bad, try to copy our writing style)

Download/stream HERE <—(with “HERE” being the download hyperlink)

Video submission:

Just paste the video’s embed code and write a short spiel about it. Again, look at our other posts and try to follow suit.

Much love to you Egoists and we can’t wait to help you WatchYourEgos

-The Big Ego

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JARED EVAN’s “In Love With You” music video is about to hit 7,000,000 views. He’s heading out to Greece in a few weeks and his popularity is starting to touch ground all around Europe including Hungary, Russia, Turkey and Portugal.

Check out the clip and support the homie because he’s always repping #WatchMyEgo

New Music :: Janine the Machine


LA’s hottest new artist is Janine the Machine and you’ve heard her music all over MTV’s shows such as Jersey Shore and other brain-cell-decreasing programs where her songs are definitely the highlight.

Her new single is called “Birthday Suit” and if it doesn’t make you want to get naked and jump into bed with the sexiest chick you can find then make sure to visit the hospital on your way to the bridge you’re about to jump off of.

Download/stream HERE.

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Julian Young performs “Angels Calling My Name” in NYC.

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Stalley needs you to WatchHisEgo.

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I interviewed XV about 9 months ago after his performance on the NYC stop of Chiddy Bang’s Swelly Life Tour.

We’re about to hit 1,000 views on the YouTube video and it’s one of XV’s favorite/best interviews to date (I spoke to him about it a few weeks ago in Boston).

Check it out and catch up if you’ve been sleeping.

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I grabbed a hold of Kevin Rudolf and JARED EVAN on the set of their music video shoot today to let you know something about their EGOs.

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We’re about to post MGK’s hype footage from last night but first check out his drop for WatchMyEgo.

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Sonny from The Dean’s List shows some love to WatchMyEgo after his set at BU.

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Last night at the Empire Hotel in NYC, Grey Goose held an event for the new “Rising Icons”. Pusha T was one of the honored artists along with Big Sean and JARED EVAN.

Check out the short clip from Pusha T and WatchMyEgo.

New Music :: Julkeyz

WatchMyEgo’s favorite new producer Julkeyz is always surprising us with a new release on a big name out of nowhere.

For our 10,000th post (which we just hit) we’re going to premiere and debut the new song that Julkeyz has on Nicole Scherzinger’s new album.

The song is called “You Will Be Loved” from the new album “Killer Love”. It’s not even out in the USA yet so this is a treat for you all for sure.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for supporting and visiting WatchMyEgo everyday. This is our 10,000th post and hopefully there’s more to come.

Download/stream “You Will Be Loved” produced by Julkeyz HERE.