AU where they actually had the friendship I always wanted them to have


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Teen Wolf- Season 5²

•This season has twenty episodes
•This season should be a continuous sequence. So one story for twenty episodes.
•Liam Dunbar will pass main character.
•Brett Talbot become a regular character
•This season should focus on Scott.
•It could be that this is the last season of Teen Wolf. (Source: interview different actors at Comic Con San Diego 2014)
•The mother of Malia will be present this season.
•This season could be based on Egyptian myths
•A main character could be not  present in this season.
•A new character will make its appearance, it is the Dr.Vallack
•Jackson could return in Teen Wolf for this season. At Comic Con 2014 Jeff Davis spoke of “lost plot lines” ie, the stories that the writers had planned but were abandoned after several reasons. One of these stories related to Jackson; “The biological parents of Jackson was killed by an alpha of the pack Alpha.” Jeff added that he and production would much rather that this story goes. We know that Deucalion is expected to return and Colton Haynes dragged on the set of Teen Wolf while filming episodes 11 and 12 of season 4.
•A more complex mythology will present this season.
•The story with The Desert Wolf will be one of the intrigues of the season.
•The intrigue with Parrish What creature is? will be an important part of the story.

→Tyler Posey (Scott McCall)
→Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski)
→Shelley Hennig (Malia Hale)
→Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar)
→Cody Saintgnue (Brett Talbot)
→Steven Brand (Dr.Valack)
→Ryan Kelley (Jordan Parrish)
→Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale)
→Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura)

Are the actors who have been officially confirmed for this season


anonymous said:

Carrie~. I have strep throat right now and have absolutely no voice. If you knew me, you would know that I talk about as much as stiles does. Do you think you could write a little something where stiles has no voice, whether it's sick or magical? Please?

[I hope your throat feels better soon! Have some sick Stiles and comforty Derek?]


Scott grins, and Stiles rolls his eyes at him, grabbing the notecards he’s prepared to “talk” to Scott while he’s still sick. He flips through the cards he prepared, but he can’t find one to adequately curse Scott out for kicking his ass at Street Fighter. Stiles scowls, angrily holding up the card that says “SCOTT IS AWESOME” and Scott laughs brightly. 

"Didn’t write enough cards, did you?" 

Stiles does actually have a card that says “SHUT UP” so he finds that one and holds it up. 

Scott laughs. “Okay, well I have to get to my afternoon class. You gonna be okay?”

Stiles nods reluctantly, waving him off. Scott hugs him and hands him the controller. “I’ll make sure to bring you all the notes from the lectures that I’m in, and I know Allison is in your Bio 130 class so she’s got you covered there. You told Derek you can’t do your study date, right?”

Stiles searches through his cards but he doesn’t have one that says “IT’S NOT A DATE” but luckily he does have one that expresses his feelings toward the weekly study sessions he has with his crush.

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babbugroot said:

Yes :) 29?

Sterek, going away to war

Stiles bites his thumbnail, waiting for Derek’s answer. Instead of really replying, Derek asks, “You joined the fleet?”

Stiles nods again. “They needed pilots. We’re leaving the Beacon at 0600.”

Derek reels, steadying himself by pressing a hand against the bulkhead. That’s so soon. There are so few hours left. “Don’t you need training or something before the Commander sends you to war?”

"I’m Captain Stilinski’s son," Stiles argues, taking half a step toward Derek. "I’ve been in training since I was tall enough to reach the foot controls on a Fox Fighter."

Derek clenches his jaw. That might have been true, but Stiles had never joined the fleet before. Hell, Derek had first met Stiles when he was in the mess, ranting to his friends about how the Beacon was supposed to be an exploratory vessel, not a warship. The speech had been one of the main reasons Derek chose to talk to Stiles that day, much less at all.

The situation has changed. Derek knows this. It still hurts when Stiles takes another step closer, leaning his forehead against Derek’s shoulder, and whispers, “He’s my brother, Derek. I have to go after him.”

Derek nods, pressing his lips together. The Brightstar knows, if it was Derek’s sister on the captured Wolf rather than Scott, Derek would’ve done everything in his power to get her back. “Yeah.”

"Are you mad at me?" Stiles asks, gingerly sliding his arms around Derek’s waist.

"Yeah," Derek hisses, even as he pulls Stiles tight against his body and squeezes Stiles for all he’s worth. "But I understand."

Stiles nods against Derek’s shoulder, one of his boots scuffing against Derek’s as he adjusts his balance for the embrace. “I still have a few hours, if you wanna…”

It’s unfair, and Derek knows Stiles knows it’s unfair, but that doesn’t stop Derek from nodding and reaching back to palm open his cabin door. As he leads Stiles in and pushes him toward the bed, the door sliding shut behind them, Derek says, “If you die on this stupid suicide mission, I’m gonna kill you.”

Stiles laughs, but his eyes are shiny-wet in the soft light coming from Derek’s desk. “Sure, buddy. Whatever you say.”

"I’m not your buddy," Derek says as he presses Stiles down onto Derek’s bunk, kissing him hard and rolling them, so Derek is closest to the bulkhead and Stiles is mostly on top of him.

"Uh-huh." Stiles returns the kiss as fiercely as Derek gave it.

Derek tries to think about Stiles’ hands and the interesting things they do, and not about the titanium engagement band sitting in Derek’s underwear drawer.

I hope you like it, babbugroot!

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