Tues = Legs, Squat Challenge, Cardio, Abs and Arms Day!

Morning Yoga - Here 

Today was my first time wasking up and doing this routine! I felt so refreshed and ready to tackle the day! And do it the 6 x’s like the post says, you seriously won’t regret it!

Legs - Here - Ballet Beautiful!

*Update* This shit was kinda hard! My booty is sore! :-(

Cardio = 1. Squat Challenge - Day 11 *even though it’s actually Day 12*  and 2. Here

Butt Kick

Mountain Climbers

Bicycle Crunches

Power Skips


*Update* I didn’t do #2 and only did the Day 11 Squat Challenge 2X’s

Abs and Arms - Here

*Update* Did first two exercises with no weight! Last exercise with 8lb weight!



*Update* Overall I feel great and my butt is starting to lift! But ugh…my stomach!

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nuno canavarro – wask



Tomoko was like usually talking about uninteresting facts with her brother - more like she wask telling him things he didn’t want to know. But he couldn’t just make her get out of the room, so he had to listen to her. While she was going on and on about some game she played the day before, the doorbell rang. Their mother called for one of the siblings to open the door because she was talking on the phone to someone. So the female stood up with a quiet sigh, and went down to open the door. ” uhm…. h-how… can i help you? “


Thre wask this cute larger lady at the party i didnt sa anything doe because i didnt want to make things weird pluw im too stright edhe for her its fine thkugn im too not to br

a part of me will always wonder

Why I wasn’t good enough….
From knowing what you want to not knowing
Why do you want me to stay so bad??
So you can wask away again ??

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I DID IT GUYS AND I DIDNT EVEN CRY. I was challenged by @madacyn to do the #ALS ice bucket challenge and I now challenge @stetson_gunnoe @emilyhopesilvers and @tash_wask I love you guys, y’all have 24 hours. 💕 (at excuse my scream and accent)