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Construction crews move a pillar into place in 1861 during construction of the west wing of the oldest Federal departmental building in Washington, D.C. In 1836, Congress authorized construction of a fireproof building to house the Treasury Department, after earlier buildings had been destroyed by fire. The Ionic columns of this Greek  Revival building were quarried on Dix Island, near Rockland, Maine, and are 36 feet tall, weigh 30 tons, and cost $5,000 each.

Photograph of the Treasury Department Building Under Construction, 09/16/1861

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At the western entrance to Jerusalem, among the forests of the Ramot neighborhood in Arazim Park, rises a 30-foot-high American flag made of bronze. Dedicated in November, 2009, this memorial to the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks is the first memorial outside of New York to list the names of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on that day, along with their countries of origin. There are nearly 100 countries represented among the victims, including five Israeli citizens.

Can you imagine what would happen if a country from the Middle East was arming rebels in Texas to march over to the White House to take down the American government?

Just picture this for a minute, a nation in the Middle East, say Iran for example, starts to arm and financially support a group of insurgents in Mexico and Latin America with some residing in the U.S, but they are mostly made up foreign fighters from Latin America. Iran then formulates a plan for them in the State of Texas to go around and kill as many pro-government Americans as they want in that State then do more of the same in other States around them, committing horrific criminal acts then to march towards Washington D.C and topple the regime and destroy the American system, and somehow expect the Americans to praise them for doing this. Just imagine how these insurgents would be called “freedom fighters” and the entire U.S would be in ruins from a civil war funded and heavily supported by foreign powers, Iran and Russia. Just imagine how that would go. Think about it and put it perspective, imagine most American States looking like war zones, left in ruins, millions of Americans either killed or made refugees forced to flee to other nations. Then imagine this insurgency turns so violent and becomes a new barbaric force which calls itself the Catholic State of America, that aims to kill anyone and everyone who does not abide by their strict extremist ideology based on their strict fanatical ways. How well would that go? How would the Americans perceive those who financed and encouraged this mess?

Well that is exactly what the United States did to Syria and Iraq! Now why is that for some reason okay and why are those people somehow less human and they have no right to feel outraged and be angry at the West!

Brandon Graham Makes SPX Sketch Book & NYC Event For CBLDF!

Brandon Graham, the acclaimed cartoonist of the highly influential graphic novels King City and Multiple Warheads, and the driving force behind the genre-bending science fiction series Prophet is benefiting CBLDF in September with signings and an all-new sketchbook premiering at SPX, and a lecture in New York City next Friday at the Society of Illustrators.

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