Rei Kawakubo, in many ways a comrade of Yohji Yamamoto’s, confronts the logic of Fashion head on, by constantly renewing ‘the now’: in other words, by accelerating the change of Fashion, or by producing ‘now’ before ‘now’ is usurped. She moves faster than Fashion, manufacturing her ‘now’ before ‘now’ ceases to be. Renewing herself so quickly that no one can keep up, she does not allow herself to become entrenched in a fixed image, or to imitate herself.

Yamamoto, on the other hand, turns his gaze backwards. Picture someone standing at a bridge [sic]. Fashion involves that person gazing at the water approaching from upstream, fixing their attention on what will be next. Now, the reversal of that gaze, in other words, turning to look in the direction in which the water disappears, will mean an approach where attention is not focused on that which is about to become ‘now,’ but on the phase of time when ‘now’ ceases to be ‘now.’ Yohji Yamamoto often says that ‘now’ is transient. Perhaps because he is able to look at things this way, he can touch the fleeting ‘now’ and capture the very moment when things are destroyed and disappear.
—  Japanese philosopher Kiyokazu Washida discussing Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto. Essay: The Past, the Feminine, the Vain.
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Saturdays Surf NYC x White Rock POP-UP SHOP

當來自悠閒城市態度的紐約知名品牌Saturdays Surf NYC,遇上了引領城市戶外生活品味的台北店鋪White Rock,期間限定的企劃主題就此展開:以海邊小屋作為發想,White Rock重新展現以Saturdays Surf NYC作為品牌概念的空間調性,將舒適的原木內裝印象延伸,加上浪板裝飾、相框、外文攝影雜誌,營造出專屬於Saturdays的獨特氛圍,以及相應而生的概念系列、服飾選品與令人嚮往的生活態度!

Saturdays Surf NYC 2013 A/W Collection

本季秋冬延續以往的Urban Life Style,簡單清新的風格,考究於80’s-90’s的經典設計款式作為延續的設計及主軸,以休閒風格作為單品樣式的系列製作,不論是作為主流的都會風格,或是經典的休閒時裝,延伸出的優雅自在的鮮明形象,而品牌定番的搶眼的配件不但實用度高、更是重點之一,整體優遊自在的穿著體現品牌所追求的精神。

Saturdays Surf NYC 於2012年,由 washida 引進台灣,今回特別與 White Rock 合作 pop-up shop 期間限定店,Saturdays Surf NYC 的 Urban Life Style 精神剛好可以藉由 White Rock 的 Urban Outdoor 空間來詮釋,讓更多人可以更了解 Saturdays 想傳達的理念及精神,也與 White Rock 想呈現的氛圍相輔相成。

Pop-up store 活動期間:2013/10/11~2013/11/10

White Rock store:台北市敦化南路一段187像21號1樓

02-2752-5611 / 14:00-22:00 daily

關於 Saturdays  Surf  NYC &  washida

Saturdays Surf NYC 由Colin Tunstall、Morgan Collett 與Josh Rosen創立於2009年紐約SOHO區,結合了生活,藝術,人文,衝浪以及咖啡文化。Saturdays傳達的是一種悠閒簡單的生活態度,在繁忙都市中試著放慢你的腳步,享受那悠閒的片刻。每個人心中都有他的 Saturdays,在大城市裡盡情Surfing。

washida成立於2007年,崇向Simplicity低調風格,致力於挑選及找尋“簡約、好穿搭、貼近人們生活的服飾及單品”與大家分享,2012年引進Saturdays Surf NYC。

Koichi Sato, Tsubasa Honda, and Machiko Ono to star in "Kishuten Eki: Terminal"


Koichi Sato will star in Tetsuo Shinohara’s “Kishuten Eki: Terminal” (out fall 2015).

Based on a novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Shino Sakuragi, the film revolves around a 55-year-old former judge turned public defender named Kanji Washida who’s been living in a state of self-imposed isolation as penance for an incident from his past involving his former lover Saeko (Machiko Ono). However, one day he’s suddenly reminded of Saeko when he’s assigned the case of a 25-year-old woman named Atsuko (Tsubasa Honda) who was arrested for use of illegal stimulants.





曾在Paul Smith Space、Rocket 和 Tas Yard 等 舉辦過個人展

陸續在Huge、POPEYE、Tsubasa no Oukoku、Hinami這些雜誌發表過畫作












Fjällräven Kånken Classic / Mini

Kanken has existed for over 30 years, and the most popular variant is theClassic Kanken. It has been sold in almost all places in the world. The reason why it is so popular is the fashion forward look, practical solution and amazing durability, as well as an incredible range of colours to choose from. It’s available in multiple models, from the Classic Kanken to the newer Kanken Mini, Big, Dual Colourand Laptop, so whatever your needs there’s a Kanken for you!

Release on 6/15 (Sat) in our shop and online shop via Here